10 Craziest Things Famous Musicians Ever Did

Craziest Things Famous Musicians Ever Did

Rock stars are famous far and wide known for the extreme life they lead, and sex, drugs and rock’n’roll is the main slogan that describes such legends as Slash, Keith Richards, Ozzy Osbourne, etc. If we look pas their amazing talent and skills that gave them and their songs such fame, some of them are perhaps better known for their antics off the stage. Read on to learn what crazy things these 10 music icons did.

1. Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne
source: rollingstone.com/

Ozzy Osbourne is arguably the craziest musician ever. He once bit off a bat head on stage and snorted ants from the floor. The popular “Madman” led a crazy life that would probably kill anyone else than him. Despite such a career, Ozzy is alive and kicking, and he is still touring and singing almost every day. His blood was tested once, and the scientists discovered that his DNA was altered following decades of alcohol and drug abuse. They could simply not believe how he is still alive. The Prince of Darkness will outlive us all!

2. Keith Moon

Keith Moon
source: ultimateclassicrock.com

Former drummer of the popular band “The Who” was famous for his extreme life. Unfortunately, as a result, this music legend left us back in 1978 after a Heminevrin overdose, a drug prescribed for the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. During his crazy life, Moon was famous both for his drumming skills and the habit of fighting and destroying things while intoxicated. After one such fight at a gig in 1967, he was knocked and then taken to the hospital. His band took revenge because he destroyed a hotel room and threw a piano into the pool. They had to pay$ 24,000, which is $171,000 due to inflation. Moon drank extreme amounts of alcohol mixed it with drugs. During a 1973 gig, he even passed out on stage.

3. Slash

source: kerrang.com

The iconic guitarist Slash has been sober for years, but it took a near-death experience for this to happen, as he could have died at 35. Before he slowed down with the drug abuse, Slash would blow out his advance checks on both heroin and cocaine. During the early ’90, while he was high, he thought a monster similar to the famous Predator was chasing him with weapons. In an effort to escape, he ran around naked through an Arizona golf resort, smashed a glass door, took a nearby maid as a body shield and hid behind a lawnmower. He once got a mountain lion as a pet and kept it inside a hotel room. While he was in Beijing, his pet lion Curtis escaped the cage and destroyed the room.

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers
source: loudersound.com

Although now they are fully grown adults who play alternative rock and have their own families, the members of this famous band would think of the craziest things, both while they were on and off the drugs. Perhaps the most memorable moment was their Kit Kat Club in 1983. They performed completely naked, with only a sock wrapped around their intimate area. This, of course, became a trademark of the famous band, and they would do this for decades. You can easily look for a footage form one of these iconic performances online.

5. Keith Richards

Keith Richards
source: washingtonexaminer.com

Each Rolling Stones member is famous for his own crazy stories that of course involve drugs, groupies, and more drugs. Not even Mick Jagger can beat Keith Richards however when it comes to the most insane stories in the history of Rock’N’Roll. He admitted that he snorted and smoked the ashes of his own father. Similar to Ozzy, Keith should probably not be alive, but he is still alive and kicking despite the extreme rock star life of heavy partying.

6. Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop
source: diymag.com

The ‘Lizard Man’ is an iconic musician and fans usually think of him as shirtless and bent down while performing on the stage. He has been credited for inventing the stage dive, and he was a real provoker and among the craziest punk rockers. One of the most famous things he did is slashing himself on stage while he was rolling around and acting crazy. Iggy crossed the line once as well and insulted a crew of bikers who attended his show. As a result, he was punched in the face and beaten up quite badly. After this, he went back on stage and the concert. What a guy.

7. Mötley Crue

Mötley Crue
source: loudersound.com

The infamous song of this band called “Kickstart my Heart” drew inspiration from Nikki Sixx death trip. In 1987, Nikki overdosed on heroin and was declared dead for 2 minutes while inside the ambulance and on the way to a hospital. The paramedics shot him with two shots of adrenaline and revived him. Instead of taking a rest and slowing down, Nikki escaped this ambulance, took a ride back home, took even more heroin and passed out one more time. Not many of his peers could challenge him when it comes to alcohol and drugs.

8. Zakk Wylde

Zakk Wylde
source: Loudwire.com

There is a popular saying that partying like a rock star is the quickest road to your grave. Zakk Wylde never paid attention to this and managed to cheat death. Back in 2009, the guitarist of Black Label Society was hospitalized with three blood clots in his leg. He had allegedly suffered from clotting for years, and the three biggest ones even traveled through his heart and lungs, but he managed to survive. How is this possible you ask? Simple, the massive amounts of alcohol kept his blood thin so the clots passed without causing damage. Is there anything more metal than this?

9. Izzy Stradlin

Izzy Stradlin
source: loudersound.com

The original guitarist of the Guns’N’Roses would not get high on drugs as Slash, but he did make a name for himself for similar things. While the band was in Japan, they were told to pay attention to the customs officers in the country. This is because they successfully found many rock stars with drugs in their possession, and jailed them. Just ask Paul McCartney. After they told him this, Izzy hid the drugs in his stomach, after which he spent nearly 100 hours in a coma. He also managed to pee in the gallery area of a plane, because he could not wait anymore for someone else to leave the bathroom.

10. Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper
source: consequenceofsound.net

Alice Cooper became iconic for his many stage antics, lyrics, style, and of course, the chicken incident. According to the legend, one fan threw a chicken onstage. Cooper took it and threw it back into the audience, which tore the animal to pieces and threw parts back on the stage. Bassist Dennis Dunaway explained later that the band traveled with two chickens, Larry and Pecker, and treated them like pets. The incident was not planned at all, and the band never killed the animals. The story spread, however, making them the most talked about a band that year, and not for anything music related.