10 Real Bachelors Party Confessions

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The numerous fun bachelor party ideas ensure that the groom and friends have the time of their lives. The ideas for bachelor’s party range from camping, to nights out, getaways, clubbing, movies, and all fun things. But what really happens at bachelor parties to make them memorable? Unlike the bridal shower, things to do for a bachelor party isn’t all in set out, so guys get busy.

And we can tell you for free that it becomes a crazy bachelor party. Most of what went down, the men can’t repeat the next day. From drinking to stupor, to losing the groom, and then a total groom meltdown, we bring you 10 true confessions. Enjoy these hilarious expose from bachelors, and get more on Wedding Forward.

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  1. A-28-year-old Ethan says they lost the groom at the bachelor party. In his words “we got him wasted. And while we were leaving a bar and reassembling, he shot off into the night.” They had to start looking everywhere for him. But, great it was a small town, and the police found him on the street intoxicated. Ethan says they got a call from the police, who gave them an ear full, before releasing the groom. The police were understanding as they figured it was his bachelor’s party.
  2. Matt 28, narrates the crazy bachelor party situation they had. The groom’s brother who doubles as the best man took them all to the strip club. This is after his fiancé (now wife), warned him against going to one. Well, she somehow found out, made her way there and gave him a mouth lashing before everyone. The staff at the strip club found it cute, but the party attendees cringed.
  3. In this case, the groom got so drunk and high that he fell flights of steps. The worst part is that he tore a ligament which made him wear an air cast for the wedding. This put all the bachelors present in trouble for not watching him close enough. This is as narrated by 28 years old Chris.
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  4. This one is by Luke, 29  Like the bachelor’s night full movie titled “the hangover”, they got the groom drunk. They got him so drunk that he could barely function or stand. There was no fear that he would do anything irresponsible, as he was wiped. The men present took it as a duty.  What was quite left was to chuck him off the roof, like in the movie. But that wasn’t necessary. No extremes!
  5. This is a bachelor party where the brain gets wiped the following day. Brian, 27 went down to New Orleans for a bachelor party. A very close friend of his had moved down there and he was having a bachelor’s. According to him, the friend decided to make the party an attraction to everyone. Brian says he can’t remember anything except a few breakfasts. What must have happened? We will never know.
  6. 28-year-old Marcus puts it down on record, one of the craziest bachelor party of his life. He says they went to a very posh club with the whole gang. They got prestigious bottles and kept paying for lap dances for the groom. By the time the bills came, they had raked up such steep bills that it was scary. A hilarious one, we must say. How did they pay it up?
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  7. Pete, 31 says he and his friends had to sleep in their cars, even after booking out a hotel. What must have happened? Well, the grown men got so excited that they all combined their shower curtains to create a slip ‘n’ slide. In the process of having fun, they destroyed their hotel rooms. The hotel staff sees the state of their room, and… They all had to sleep in their cars that night.
  8. These men had their bachelor party in a casino. Well, 30 years old Garrett says they decided to spend the weekend at a casino. He says they got so drunk, they couldn’t even play Black Jack. Best night for the casino yet, as it was the easiest way for them to make money.
  9. James, 29 calls himself a pity invite to the bachelor party. He says he wasn’t a close friend but got an invite anyway. This is what makes it weirder, he witnessed the groom get into a full-blown meltdown. He said he didn’t want to get married. The groom went ahead with the wedding, but it was one of the most uncomfortable times of James’ life.
  10. Boring much? Jason, 28 is a new dad who took a weekend bachelor party getaway with other new dads. Guess the most interesting thing they did? Sleeping in. He says all the new dads slept all through the weekend. More like a resting getaway.
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As you source for fun bachelor party ideas, make sure to enjoy some crazy times as well. Have a blast!