14 Tricks to Improve Your Shower Experience in 2024

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For many of us, showering is the routine cleaning task of our body. So, there is nothing special in it. But drenching your body with water is more than just washing the sweat and dirt from the body. Bathing under running water relaxes your body and refreshes your mind. In fact, this is a fantastic experience if you apply some tricks. What are those tricks? Let’s explore.


The first trick is fixing a schedule. The schedule will prepare your body and mind prior to hand that something special will happen. While preparing the schedule, set a time of the day, especially in the morning, and make sure that you have plenty of time before and after the shower.

Though finding showering time during morning rush hour is difficult, bathing in the morning makes you look fresh throughout the day and helps to develop creative ideas within you.


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People spend different amounts of time under the shower. Some people take too much time while others spend only a few minutes. So, how long will you stay there?

The answer to this question is your intended goal. If your goal is relieving fatigue and tension, stay a little more time in the shower stall. Falling water from the showerhead will lose your tense muscles and give a sensational feeling which eventually relaxes your body.

For a pleasurable experience, spend at least 15 to 20 minutes. However, staying more than that may affect you with a cold.


No doubt, showering is not a complicated task. But the important thing here is it needs to be done conveniently. When it comes to the convenience of showering, it faucets and showerheads play the most important role.

There are different types and models of shower faucets that you can choose from to enjoy your time. You can read about the best shower faucets reviews from the site Faucetsreviewed.com.


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Pleasant fragrance boosts your mood and makes the time enjoyable. Scientific research shows that nice fragrance stimulates certain parts of the brain, sends the message to several glands of the head to release certain types of hormones. These hormones are responsible for releasing tension and bringing happiness.

There are two ways to make your bathroom air aromatic- using scented candles or essential oils. Both are great to make the air smell nice smelling. In addition to making the air sweet-smelling, scented candles are visually appealing. But in the case of using candles, make sure that the candle disseminates only one type of fragrance, not a mixture of scent. Also, the aroma should not be so strong and overwhelming.

Essential oils are easier to use and they have more fragrance than candles. In addition, essential oils can be mixed with showering water to get some useful health benefits, including improving the complexion and skin tone. But, they are not as visually appealing as scented candles are.


Many people believe that listening to music during a shower is an outdated habit. But it is the first thing that pops up in your head when someone asks regarding how to plan a memorable shower. Studies have revealed that listening to music has a multitude of benefits. It makes you feel better, reduces stress, and improves health. It also lessens stress.

Adjust the Temperature of Water

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Some people like to shower under lukewarm water while others enjoy sizzling hot water. So, the temperature of the water depends on the individual perspective. There are some models of shower faucets that feature volume and temperature control. Set the water temperature according to your preference.

Drink Coffee

Drinking a cup of steaming coffee during morning shower energizes you quickly. It also saves your time and gets you ready to start the working time. But make sure that no soap falls in your coffee mug.

Pat Dry Your Skin

When it comes to drying your skin, pat dries it without rubbing the skin with a towel. Rubbing is bad for sensitive skin.

Moisturize Your Skin Quickly

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Apply moisturizer as soon as you dry your skin.

Skip Shower Sometimes

Showering every day is good health practice. But bathing sometimes also washed away some useful bacteria. So, it is ok to skip it from time to time.

Try Cold Shower

Many people do not enjoy a cold shower. But it has several benefits. It increases blood circulation, reduces muscle soreness, decreases depression, and tightens the skin pores. Another great benefit of it, is that it helps to lose weight.

One bonus tip: include a few waterproof gadgets to take your shower experience to the next level

Whether you want to watch TV, write a screenplay, or simply enhance your shower experience, these high-tech upgrades are sure to propel your bath into the 21st century.

Today, a shower is not only about drenching your body under the showerhead, but you can also do other things there as well like watching TV, writing a screenplay, and turning on it remotely with the push button of a  remote. Let us know a few details of these waterproof gadgets.

Aqua Vision Television

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Thanks to the impressive improvements in a wide variety of media services and mobile devices, you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies from anywhere even from your shower room. There is an Aquavision Frameless television that can be installed in your shower closet so that you do not miss your favorite TV program. These televisions come with super-sleek flat panels with 19 to 40 inches wide.

Kinetic Shower

During the shower, when waterfall on your body, you don’t get any different feelings, right? The feelings are the water is just soaking your body. Do you want to get a different kind of shower experience? However, the bathroom accessory manufacturer Delta made a special design head for this experience that gushes out water in a wave pattern. So, when you take shower with “Delta shower head”, you will fill like your bathing under a fountain.

Remote Control Shower

The remote shower allows you to turn on the shower from your bed. So, on a chilly morning, if you want to directly enter into the warm shower, turn on the shower, enter into the cubicle directly and enjoy in it.


At the end of a hectic, energy-draining working day, our body is craving for a pleasant shower to dispel fatigue and invigorate us greatly. The tips we describe above will help you to get a memorable shower.