3 Awesome Ways To Use Pokemon-Go for Entertainment and Making Money

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Pokémon Go is still a very popular game for lots of people. Even though not as much a craze as it was in the early days, it’s still a big online phenomenon for game lovers. And it can make money for lots of people while they enjoy doing what they love – play games. It’s similar to many of the apps that you can use to make money while playing games like I found out from this games article at Kingged.com.

It is the online game played with smartphone powered with GPS technology. The game was launched July 6, 2016, by game maker Nintendo and its partners. Pokémon Go is played by walking with your smartphone to capture cartoon characters superimposed on the screen in real-life locations.

The attraction of this game is on the excitement of moving from one location to another to capture, hatch, train and fight with the characters. The more level you attain in the game the better excitement you have. The popularity of Pokémon Go is still making many smart businesses cash in on the business part of it. If you are wondering how to make money with this game, there are unique ways that are being exploited. You too can take advantage of these opportunities to make money offline and online.

That said, here are 3 Unique Ways to Make Money with Pokémon Go while also using it for entertainment.

1. Sell Pokémon Rare Cards

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It is possible you have some collections of Pokémon Cards if you were a Pokémon fan in the past. These cards are more valuable if they were rarer. Since the launch of Pokémon Go, interest in these rare cards has resurrected. Many are selling off their collections of rare cards to interested buyers who keep them as memorabilia. This is a superb and unique way to cash in Pokémon Go.

2. Get Paid for Placing Lure Modules in Pokéstops

If you don’t have a job and would very much like to engage in any part-time job you can lay your hands on, you can. You can become a “lure employee”. What does this mean, you simply work for businesses that have been mapped out as Pokéstops to place lure modules or incense to attract Pokémon Players. With this job, you would be paid extra doing what is fun, to begin with!

3. Drive Players to Pokéstops

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Driving Pokémon Players from one hotspot to another to catch and collect Pikachu and other creatures is not only fun, you also earn money from it. Driving from on PokéStop to another where there is a possibility of high collection of the pocket creatures is an added advantage. By becoming a Pokémon Go driver, you will save a lot of people from traipsing over the metropolis and saving them energy they could have exerted walking to find, capture and train rare Pokémons. Once you have knowledge of attractive Pokéstops and have a good car you are good to go! You may charge more fees if your car has Pokémon-themed decalcomania.