3 Best (Video) Games Based on Famous Bands 2024

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What to say about video games? It is hard to find the right words to describe this sort of “invention”. They became popular from the moment when the advanced technology “arrived” to the planet earth.

That’s why we can find different types and genres of video games that will satisfy everyone’s taste. For example, if you are a fan of the gambling video game, then the websites for casino games will be the right place to visit. You can also find strategy video games that always cause some sort of adrenaline. They usually help people improve their mental skills.

However, there is one type of video games that we want to highlight here. The authors of certain games usually want to send some sort of message through the game. More precisely, they usually invest some sort of emotion to make the game even more entertaining. More precisely, we are talking here about games based on famous bands.

Many game developers wanted to show their admiration for a current band, song, or singer. The number of video game players is huge and their impact is huge on society. Despite that, the authors of the games wanted to attract a current group of people to play their games in this way. For example, you will see that a game is somehow connected with your favorite band. Logically, you will want to check if the game is truly good.

So, the game developers wanted to personalize more the games they “invented”. If you are a music fan, then it would be great to find out the best video games based on famous bands. We will highlight only those that feature quality and were/are popular among people.

Let’s find them out together.

The Beatles: Rock Band

It is hard to say in a couple of sentences the things that this band achieved. We will give the right to ourselves to say that they are still the most popular band in music history. Because of that, we think they deserved to be part of the video game.

This is something that happened only 11 years ago. In 2009, the Harmonix Music System released this game. Everything associated with this game features quality. For instance, something that we need to highlight is the meticulously detailed, Apple Crops-assisted artwork. Despite that, you can expect creative use of unreleased studio chatter placed amid loading screens. Finally, there is also the inclusion of harmonies. This feature definitely brings emphasis to each song and the player’s experience.

The developers of this game were not even planning to save money on the game. That’s why they called George Harrison’s son to assist them. Except that, they hired the acclaimed Beatles impersonators for motion capturing. Both things that we said confirm in advance how good this game is.

We can guess which type of gamers would barely wait to play this game as soon as possible. However, it is good to mention that you have the option to choose between 3 different devices. This game you can play on Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Britney’s Dance Beat

If you are a fan of “global” music, then you know that 2002 was the year of Britney Spears. Whichever channel you turn on, she and her songs will be there. Despite that, the previous year was also quite successful for her. She got the reward for the female artist in SoundScan history to have their first three albums debut at number one. With “In the Zone”, she broke that record once again.

So, we can say that Britney Spears was the symbol of these two years Because of that, THQ developed a game that was inspired by her success. We do not want to say this was the first rhythm game ever. For instance, Spice Girls had their own game in 1998 under the name “Spice World”. However, this one is the first artist-endorsed one that truly worked.

The players of this game had to follow the steps via a variation of the buttons. There were a couple of levels that you had to pass. After each level, you would unlock several exclusive videos.

You can play this game on three different devices – Game Boy Advance, PC, and PlayStation 2.


We are sure that this game is going to be nostalgic for the older generations. It was released in 1983, but even today, some people are talking about it. The developers of this game used only one sentence to promote the game – “The hottest band in the country is about to take over the world.”

When we talk about the games based on the band, this one is the oldest. More precisely, this was actually a puzzle game. Each player had the opportunity to choose between five planets. Each planet provides you with a mini-game starring one of the five Journey members. When you accomplish all of these 5 mini-games, you get five instruments.

It had an analog nature, which was some sort of revolution of that time. However, it is not the only advanced feature that this game had. Believe it or not, players were able to identify the band members through black-and-white stills taken while they were on tour. For instance, gamers that were completing Steve Perry’s mini-game had the chance to found solace in seeing his trademark mane.

This game currently was available only on one platform – Arcade.


Well, we provided you with 2 games that were inspired by bands and 1 that was inspired by a celebrity. There are two different reasons why we wrote this article. First of all, we know that all video games are reminding the older generation how they lived many years ago. In that period of history, there were no computers. They were not able to download the game they wanted. Even if they had enough money to buy it, it was quite hard to find it.

Today’s generations need to understand how happy they are. They live in the era of modern technology and these types of concerns do not exist. However, even with low graphics, these games had a huge influence on people. Whichever game you pick to play, the game must mean something to you.