5 Easy and Manageable Hairstyles for Travel

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They say, “Life is too short of having boring hairstyles.” So, whether you cabin up for your weekend or you take a road trip or whatever your adventure might look like, traveling is that one part where you want your hair to be left carefree and at the same time finicky. You indulge in a lot of activities while you travel and there is hell a lot of chances for your hairstyle to go out of place.

For traveling, you should always go for hairstyles that stay in place and something that is not failed to be noticed. Though most of the people go for a simple ponytail or a braided one, there are a lot more that you could actually do with your hair and which could take you only 5 to 10 minutes. Here is a compilation of some of the best hairstyles:


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This is the most favorite after-work look for many people. This is also the most hassle-free and straightforward look one could go for while traveling. It is best suited for a lazy hair day. All that you ought to do is to start with a high ponytail, the higher, the better. Then backcomb your ponytail, so that your hair looks volumized and also a bit messy which will make the style look teen. Now wrap the pony around the hairband. Secure the ends with a bobby pin and pin them into the base of the bun. And that’s it! You are ready to go on your trip.


This style will give a brilliant look that is very adorable. It is similar to the twisted bun, except that we allow the ends to fall. Start by preparing your hair. Comb it and see to that there aren’t any tangled hair. Take half the hair up, twist it into a bun, and insert your bobby pins to secure it. Finish the look by spraying on some hairspray so that the look doesn’t get messy while you travel. You can check even more detailed styles at TheRightHairstyles.


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The knotted scarf chignon is a great stellar for travel and also an effortless hairstyle. You can start by teasing the roots of your hair. This will give your hair a bit of height. Now gather it into a low ponytail such that the layers are smoothened. You could tuck your bangs or leave it flawless up to your convenience. Now twist your pony and coil it into a neat bun and secure it with pins. Fold the scarf lengthwise so that it is made thin enough to get wrapped around your hair. Place the middle of the scarf under your bun and tie it together on top of your head. Knot the ends. Tuck in the scarf’s ends and yeah you are all set to go! Instead of scarfs you can use headbands as well, but in a slightly different way – this page explains it.

TIP: Use colorful floral themed scarves or headbands to project the hairstyle in an attention-grabbing way.


This is one of the sleekest and easy to carry hairstyles. Many people prefer going to a ponytail because people feel that it is very comfortable and neat. This look is similar to a simple everyday ponytail. Flat iron your hair if needed. The flat iron is recommended to get a frizz-free look. Pick a side of your hair and start twisting the section directly behind your ear. Continue to twist as close to the scalp as possible. Grab another small section that is directly behind the previous section. Now, take the section and start twisting it into your previous section by going under and over while simultaneously wrapping the section around the twist. Repeat it by taking smaller sections. You have to keep doing this until you have reached the side. Then secure the ponytail with bobby pins and also wrap the pony with some hair to hide the band and the pin.


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To keep your hair under control and out of the way, this hairstyle is best suited. It is a very basic one. Divide your hair into two complete sections. Now tie them into two ponytails. Keep the ponytails low. This is one complete look. You could even plait the ponytails to give it a school-going look. Plaiting the ponytails will keep them in place throughout your travel. These ponytails can also be coiled into mini buns if needed and could be paired up with headbands.


To give all these hairstyles a matured look, you could mix them up with the some of the hair accessories of your choice. A scarf or a headband is always a good option to go for when you do any style related to a bun. You could also wear a pretty hat with any of the hairstyles. Use some hairspray every time you travel because it helps a lot to keep your hairstyle in place. You could also dab a bit of oil on your hair to keep it all smooth and shiny. Carry dry shampoo with you all the time you travel as it will help to remove the extra oil on your scalp. It is also recommended to use sun protection serums since the sun will dry up your hair. So when a protection serum is used, it acts as a shield and saves your hair from a bad day.