5 Sights You Can’t Miss When Vacationing in California


The state of California is precisely the place you want to visit on your vacation. A land of dreams- it gives you alluring sights that march your imagination of paradise. Also known as the golden state, California offers you a wide range of sites to visit. From its golden beaches to its marvelous landscapes, it’s a state full of beauty.

Situated west of America, California state runs from the Mexican border adjacent to the Pacific Ocean for almost 900 miles.  Its landscape consists of some imposing sights of beaches, mountains, valleys, and deserts. It is also the home of the Hollywood media outlet, which is one of the powerhouses of entertainment in the world today.

Every year the number of those visiting California rises, and it’s only best if you know what places will serve you with the best memories.  The following are five memorable sights in California that will give you a vacation like no other.

  1. Guardian Lions of Route 66

Img source: dalmdad.blogspot.com

Standing at a length of five feet high, it entirely inexplicable how the two lions formed from exquisite calacatta marble that overlook the Mojave Desert got there, but they still offer quite an outstanding view. First seen in late 2013, it is still unknown who made them, or how they got there. The puzzle only serves to make them more attractive. If you want to check some other marble products, you can check marble.com.

You can tell the gender of the lions through the symbols they hold. The male one holds an embellished ball that represents a building or space under his protection, whereas the female lion shelters a cub to symbolize motherhood. In most cases, it interpreted that the pair are tasked to watch over the Mojave Desert.

There have been many interpretations of what the lions represent. Some believe they are a sign of good luck and leave offerings when they visit. Whatever your beliefs are, the pair still make for such an impressive look and a site worthy of visiting.

You can find the pair of the white marble lions between Amboy Road and Kelbaker Road. While driving on Amboy Road, you will spot a real estate sign from which you can see the male lion. You might also see the female lion from this same position if not, move a quarter-mile further east and you can see it from the roadside.

  1. Disneyland Resort

Img source: starlinetours.com

When visiting California ensure to go through the city of Anaheim. Located just a few minutes’ drive from Los Angeles, Anaheim is home to many exciting sites that can make your time in California memorable. Of the best attractions are Adventure City, Knott’s Berry Farm, and by far the most popular is Disneyland. There are plenty of comfortable hotels for you to choose from that keep you in the middle of the action, like the Hyatt House Cypress/Anaheim. Visit their website to see how they can take care of you during the trip.

Disneyland resort consists of two theme parks, namely Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park.

Located on Disneyland Drive, Disneyland Park was the first of the two parks and was designed and built by Walt Disney in the year 1955. It was the first-ever Disney park and has received more visitors than any other. It is one of the best places you can visit in California. With iconic areas such as the Beauty Castle it attracts more visitors every year. Other renowned areas include; Adventure land, Frontier land, and Main Street.

Located along Disneyland Drive, Disney California Adventure Park concentrates on the culture and history of California state. Opened by Walt Disney Corporation in 2001 it is the second park after the original one and is one of the best attraction sites in California. One of its notable sights is the entrance on Buena Vista Street that has been recreated to resemble the Los Angeles of 1920s. Other areas include the paradise pier, Hollywood Land, Car Land, and Bugs land.

  1. Yosemite National Park

Img source: planetware.com

Yosemite National Park is one of those extraordinary creations of mother nature. Its remarkable terrain is something that has been moving heads since its discovery in the 1860s. So impressive was the landscape that the founder John Muir described it as the temple of nature. It has continued to impress over the years and receives around four million visitors annually.

The terrain is about 1,200 square miles and possesses close to 800 hiking paths. The most iconic of the trails being the Pacific Crest Trail. It also has a very diversified biological species that comprise of over 400 separate animal species including 262 different bird species. Every part of the park is magnificent from its well-formed valleys with smooth cliffs to its free-flowing waterfalls.

Its most emphatic sights are the Yosemite Falls that is a 2,425-foot waterfall, and the Half Dome (a granite mountain) that make for quite the view. The path to the peak of the Yosemite Falls followed by a full day walk to the Half Dome is one of the best tracks in Yosemite national park. Other notable hiking sites are the Vernal Falls footbridge and the circle around the Mirror Lake, which provides an impressive view of granite walls.

  1. Los Angeles

Img source: wikipedia.org

Los Angeles is one of the best fun cities in the world. Whether you are planning to spend the weekend or have a full vacation, Los Angeles will provide you with all the fun you need. From its breathtaking museums to its beaches and restaurants, there is plenty for all to enjoy.

Its notable sights are the Universal Hollywood Studios and the Griffith Observatory, which are the sites you should visit during your vacation. Other places include the original farmers market, Hollywood Bowl Museum, California Science Centre, Beverly Hot Springs, USC Fisher Museum of Art, and the Grammy Museum.

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To give you an idea of what to expect, here’s a helpful list of a few must-sees on your next trip:

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  • Private cruise to Catalina Island – a historic destination 22 miles off the coast. You can even try scuba diving or kayaking here, and you’re almost guaranteed to see dolphins and other wildlife along the way.

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  1. Golden Gate Bridge

Img source: time.com

The Golden Gate Bridge joins San Francisco to the northern counties of California. With its enormous 746-foot tall pillars, extended cables, trademark orange color, and innovative designs, it offers an experience full of life. No wonder it receives over 10 million visitors annually.

Visit the Golden Gate Bridge and learn about the history of how it was engineered and built. You can also be part of the free walking tours given twice a week to closely experience its beauty. With both ends of the bridge being national recreation areas, you can hike as you explore the bridge further. Lastly, make sure to check out the golden gate pacific overlooks close to the bridge.


There you go, now you have yourselves the best places you can visit when vacationing in California. These are just a few selections we have made to help make your visit memorable. Otherwise, California is a big state and there are many other places you can visit during your vacation.