6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Shades

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In the case of interior decorations, window treatments play a vital role. The choice you make for window treatments should be for both functional and decorative purposes. Shades and blinds are quickly gaining ground as an alternative for drapes and curtains.

Unfortunately, the increasing number of blinds and shades available in the market makes it challenging to select the perfect fit.

But not anymore! Here are a few tips to consider when selecting your ideal blackout sheer layered shades given by zebrablinds.com.

Home Décor

Do you have a casual or formal décor? Ideally, your selection should blend with the existing décor. Bold colors might be fun, but the subtle hues are ideal for a room that’s decorated with subtle colors.

You should also consider whether you prefer cordless over corded blinds and shades.

The Cleaning Requirements

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Window shades are perfect at improving the appearance of your home. But in doing this, they’ll absorb and hide dust.

As such, they need a good cleaning. A regular dusting or light vacuum cleaning will keep your window shades neat and appealing.

Light Control and Privacy

Do you want a darker cozy room, or a bright, airy one? Be sure to determine this before placing an order for your shades.

For instance, your bedroom requires less light for quality sleep. The living room, kitchen and other rooms require more lighting. You’ll also need to check whether it’s facing the source of light or not.

Some of these factors influence the style and fabrics that you select.
But what happens if you don’t want a shade that makes you choose between privacy and light control?

Well, look for sheer layered shades. These shades allow more nuanced control as they can offer a degree of privacy while letting you see through the shade, or can even offer complete light blocking when ordered with a dual blackout layer.

Security Needs

When thinking about privacy, most people consider their bathrooms and bedrooms. But the truth is, these aren’t the only rooms that need privacy.

The privacy in other rooms promotes a sense of safety and security. For instance, if your house faces the streets or your neighbors, you’ll want to use block out shades.

Energy Saver

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Other than comfort, your shade should also be energy efficient. Doing so allows you to save on heating and cooling costs.

Depending on where the window faces, you’ll decide whether to let light in or block it out. The design of your home also plays a vital role in determining the room’s temperature. As such, you need to select the right blind for insulation and energy efficiency.

The Shade’s Color

Color plays a vital role in the appearance of your home. For instance, a lighter color makes a room feel brighter and more prominent. On the other hand, a darker color makes your room appear smaller and intimate.


There are different types of window shades in the market. Choosing the right one might be challenging. You’ll want a window covering that regulates the amount of light entering your home without compromising on privacy and security. Be sure to customize the process to meet your unique needs.