6 Things Women Consider Doing Before Marriage

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If you have the quote, “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, then you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” Marriage is an eight-letter word that is considered to be the toughest one to work out in your whole life. But if you keep honesty, dignity and give it time to prosper, then the rewards are incomparable. Both men and women feel the load equally. But isn’t there a life before this happening. A life that is less pressurized by the outside elements and, more importantly, based on the things in which you find tranquility.

According to the Time’s Study Report, When U.S women were asked if they think their marriage was at the right time of their life, 70% of these tends to state the fact that they’d wish they’d lived more of a life before I got married. More than 55% think they will never get the opportunity due to the surroundings of family and work. And out of these, more than 45% never shared the feeling with their life-long companion.

Taking points into consideration, we collected some ideas and put them up on a list, which can be your next ‘Premarital Bucket List’ before you tie the knots, promise your vows and say I Do.

  1. Get A Job

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Getting a job and having an average income source in your 25s can easily make you more dependent and stable. Research shows that couples who tend to earn more and are financially comfortable become less prone to divorce. Get your finances in order. Clear your confusion between your ‘Wants’ and ‘Needs.’ It gives a sense of self-independency to you, plus it creates a good image in the eyes of your soon-to-be In-Laws.

  1. Go on A Trip with Your Friends

Yes, go on vacation, become party animal, upload Instagram snaps while dining in a 3-star restaurant. And now that you have some money under your name, you can spend it as much as you want. Plan short trips, 2-3 days first, because you wouldn’t have a zeal for another if you go for the long weekend.

  1. Start Living Alone. Or Roommates Will Do

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Start living on your own gives you a setback on how to see things that matter to you. You start to save more and spend only those things which fall under the category of ‘Needs.’ These things include groceries, medicine, health insurance, rent for your home, your bills, college fees.

According to a study done at Massachusetts Institute, when you start to make up your separate living extension, you tend to feel more secure as well as unsafe at the same time. This makes your brain make more decisions, which boosts your confidence, and you feel livelier.

  1. Learn New Hobbies Like Cooking or Ballet Dancing

Install the SuperCook App. It tells you what you can make from the items you have in your fridge. You can learn to make new dishes starting from scratch. You can spend any amount of time in the kitchen, and no one is there to disturb or to prevent you.

  1. Spend Some Time with Your Close Ones and to yourself

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These can include your parents, your friends or if you have your boyfriend or fiancée in your life, we have a new one, go out with his friends. Most importantly, you feel the warmth around these people and will get a view about how they see you and your decision for the upcoming phase of your life.

Start taking care of yourself and your physical body. Some women also prefer getting their skin treatments and other things. You can check out “V Tight Gel” as it is a natural gel that can bring back the skin rejuvenation.

  1. Find Someone to Talk To

It can resolve any kind of disregard from your life if you have someone with whom you can talk about any topic. It can be your friend, best friend, boyfriend or fiancée. Talk about how you feel about your plans and what are you doing to get stabilized in your life. If you have found the One to spend the rest of your life with, you are fortunate, and if not, then it’s a big world out there.

Shopping for yourself top-notch, having a fling-thing over the weekends, and getting drunk all-night can also be a good option if you have the type. It is not always a pleasure speaking step to marry just at the right age. Right age doesn’t exist if you are not happy to the fullest extent from within. After all, it is wisely said, “Marriage lasts because two people make a choice, to keep it, to fight for it and to work for it till the end of the road.”