7 Easy Steps to Becoming a Great Master Seducer

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Every man has, at some point in their life, dreamed of being a master seducer. Whether you want all the ladies or you enjoy knowing you have the power, it is an understandable desire. However, more often than not, you might find yourself reduced to an unconfident babbling mess when talking to women.

And as you probably know all too well, stuttering your way through a game-free interaction doesn’t tend to work with the beauties out there. That said, the seven steps below do. Use them and see yourself transforming from the underdog to a confident guy.

7 Sure Ways to Get the Ladies

Confidence – fake it till you make it

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Almost every girl out there is looking for a strong macho man who will make her feel safe. Yep, even the diehard strong independent women who don’t need a man. That means you need to work on oozing confidence. Even if you don’t have any, fake it. But don’t forget that there is a fine line between attractive confidence and tacky cockiness. Don’t cross it.  Especially if you are looking to pick up married women, this site says you really need to be confident and take firm initiative.

Dress for the part

Sometimes, what you choose to wear might be what makes all the difference when trying to seduce a woman. They love a clean, well-groomed, and stylish look so serve that to them. If you do not know the first thing about fashion and trends, it might help to consult the many male lifestyle magazines and blogs at your disposal.

Don’t be too eager

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The harder you try to be suave and sexy, the less likely it is going to work out for you. It is usually a big turn off for women when a guy seems to be trying too hard. Instead, be a little mysterious and evasive, and you will see how interested they get all of a sudden.

Learn how to use your hands

Physical touch goes a long way when it comes to mastering the art of seduction. The most important thing here is learning not to take it too far because a little goes a long way. So linger a little when you hug her. Touch her shoulder or hand gently then withdraw while you laugh or expound. Touch her back as you escort her out of the room. Just don’t be too grabby and learn to read her response to the advances.

Pick talking points you care about

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One of the best ways to ensure that you can sustain a great conversation that doesn’t make you look like a fool is by picking topics you are good at. If you want to impress her, go for something you are passionate and informed about. Girls have a thing for guys who seem passionate about something. And who knows, maybe she is as into the Star Wars franchise, the NBA or theoretical physics as you are.

Try, try and try again

Sorry, but you are not going to turn into a master seducer overnight. It takes time and practice to master this skill. The most important thing is to learn from your mistakes and use your experiences to fine-tune your techniques. Then one day you will be surprised to find that your moves work.

Learn the art of complimenting women

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Finally, you can get girls flocking to you merely by being kind to them. Compliments leave them wanting for more, and they are very likely to stick around. The trick here is to give unique and meaningful compliments. Don’t just tell your date she looks sexy in that dress or her hair is giving you life. She has probably already heard that before.

Instead, mention how you love the way the corners of her mouth crease when she smiles. Or how you love the subtle freckles on her nose. You could even mention how cute you find her nervous laugh. It shows you are observant and caring and girls are suckers for that kind of stuff.