75% of Drivers Make These Mistakes while Driving

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It happens to all of us to make mistakes at the wheel, often without even knowing it. What are these mistakes that most motorists make that can be dangerous for you, other road users, and your vehicle?

Leave your hand on the shift lever, turn the steering wheel off, keep your foot on the clutch, adjust the seat, do not remove the snow on the roof of your car before taking the road. Discover all the bad habits we have on the way.

Leave your Hand on the Gear Lever

Many drivers leave their hand on the shift lever during travel times. But applying constant pressure on the knob can accelerate wear on your gearbox.

Your shifter is connected to a control bar that activates the fork that will be in contact with the wheels. Leaving your hand on the lever will cause the forks to rub against the rotating neck.

To limit this premature wear, it is recommended to keep both hands on the steering wheel, in the “10:10” position.

Turn the Steering Wheel Off

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It is common that during delicate maneuvers, such as leaving a small parking place, for example, drivers turn the steering wheel to a standstill. In addition to wearing down your tire, you can put pressure on the steering components.

It is, therefore, best to turn the wheel at the same time as you go, at very low speed if necessary.

Keep your Foot on the Clutch

It happens that we leave his foot on the clutch at a red light staying in first gear, or that we exert constant pressure on the clutch by letting his footrest on the pedal. This has the effect of causing overheating and premature wear of your clutch. 

Do not Remove the Snow on the Roof of your Car Before Taking the Road

For safety reasons, it is forbidden to drive with a layer of snow on the roof of your vehicle.

This is for simple reasons; if you have to brake hard or accelerate, the snow could then fall on the track and impact the driving other users. By leaving the snow on the roof of your vehicle, you risk a penalty.

Wrong Position of the Driver

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A study showed that 75% of motorists did not have a right seat behind their steering wheel.

In addition to causing muscle tension, stiffness, low back pain, a bad position can cause injury when triggering the vehicle airbags, say attorneys at deliusmckenzie.com.

A bad position can also lead to greater physical fatigue. A good seat adjustment is essential. Here are our tips for properly adjusting your seat:

  • Always do it at a standstill
  • While placing her pelvis in the seat (there should be no space between the lower back and the back)
  • Move the seat forward or backward by placing your foot on the accelerator; your thigh must then touch the front edge of the seat without being compressed
  • For the inclination of the seat, the driver must position his arms on the steering wheel, his back in contact with the backrest, he must be able to touch the steering wheel with his wrists.
  • Adjust the seat height to get the best possible field of view

All these bad habits that we have, without realizing it, can have serious consequences: accident, breakdown, fine … To avoid being immobilized in case of breakdown of your vehicle, we advise you to opt for cheap car insurance with solid guarantees at cheapautoinsurance.com, with an optional 0 km assistance guarantee.