A Complete Guide To Choosing A Jeweler

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Buying jewelry is completely different from buying new shoes or clothes. This is simply for the fact that if you’re an ordinary person (like most of us), then you would not buy jewelry as often as you would buy a piece of clothing. We’re willing to bet that most of you buy at least one piece of clothing every two to three months, some longer and some buy more often.

But how often do you buy a ring, necklace, or a bracelet? Chances are then some of you reading this article haven’t even bought any jewelry until now, and if you are indeed that person, then we are going to give you a complete guide to choosing a jeweler for your next purchase.

Buying jewelry is not that straightforward as buying a t-shirt. Whenever we buy a t-shirt, we find one that we like, we try it on for size, and we buy it. The process is done in three simple steps. However, there is far too much stuff involved with buying jewelry than just trying it on for size. Factors such as the cut, color, clarity, and carat are enough to make a person lose his mind.

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It’s important to have in mind that another important factor to consider is the jeweler himself. So, let’s start with the guide.

1. Ask for Recommendations

The world of recommendations meets the world of jewelry and precious diamonds, as the word-of-mouth often times has the last saying. Since the industry is mostly relationship-driven, a recommendation can mean a lot. Spread the word out to your family and friends that you’re looking for a good jeweler. Ask your parents, grandparents, ask your neighbor, ask your friends, ask the lady at the supermarket because of the more information on the matter, the better. If you’re interested in buying engagement rings or any kind of jewelry online, this website is the place to go.

2. Read Google and Online Reviews

Another great way to find a pro jeweler is to read out online reviews.  Much like Yelp is for food, the Better Business Bureau is the place to go for jeweler seeking. Continue your search on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You can tell if a jeweler is good by the number of likes or followers the jeweler has on his/her social media accounts. A jeweler with 30,000 likes on his Facebook page will give you a good indicator of how professional he is.

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3. Look for Credentials

You can ask jewelers to see their credentials so that you can make sure that you’re buying from the right place. A common term in the industry is GG, which stands for Graduate Gemologist. Some of the credentials to look for, whenever you’re buying jewelry, are GG, RJ, CG, CSA or CJAP certificates. If you’re looking for silver jewelry then find a jeweler who works directly with a wholesale sterling silver jewelry manufacturer – that way you’ll get a better price. Silverbene is such example of a wholesale silver jewelry supplier.

4. Post Service

A good jeweler will offer you post service every time you buy something from him. Stuff like returning for routine cleanings, repairs, and an updated appraisal is the stuff that a good jeweler will offer at the end of the purchase.

5. Check the Fine Print

Always make sure to see copies of the jeweler’s return policy and the types of warranty they offer to their customers. This is very important as this will make sure that the jeweler has your back if things go wrong with the item you’ll want to purchase.