A Mama’s Road Trip: How to Survive on the Road Alone

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Going on a road trip is a great way to spend time with your kids. But, parents who have gone on a road trip with their children know that it is not an easy feat. Here are five tips to help you survive road trips with your kids without taking away the fun:

Be Prepared

As with any activity, it is essential to be prepared before a road trip with your kids. Road trip preparedness comes in two aspects: mental and physical. The mental aspect refers to lowering your expectations regarding the impending trip.

It is incorrect to assume that you and your kids will have a great time throughout the road trip. There can be idle and emotionally-charged moments, especially with kids inside the car. By lowering expectations, you can avoid anxiety before, during, and after the trip.

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The physical aspect, on the other hand, corresponds to the things that you need to experience a safe trip. It is helpful to choose a car suited for long road trips. You can choose among the Ram 1500s and similar vehicles that can accommodate you and your kids during long trips.

For added efficiency, you can purchase Ram 1500 off-road accessories at For added efficiency, you can purchase Ram 1500 off-road accessories at RamSareus.com. This way, you can avoid unnecessary stress concerning your automobile.

It is also crucial to check your car’s overall condition before venturing on a road trip with your children. Ensure that your tires are in a good state. Also, remember to bring spare tires that are in good condition. You need to anticipate inconveniences so you can prepare for them. Aside from tire evaluation, also check for your vehicle’s engine, battery, lights, and fluids. Being stuck with kids poses safety risks and spoils the enjoyment in your trips.

Ensure Safety

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A valuable service to secure is roadside assistance coverage. This assistance plan will help you in the event of a car breakdown. With this coverage, you will receive services such as flat tire and battery assistance, fuel delivery, and towing. These aids are crucial with or without your kids as companions to your trips.

Aside from an assistance plan, proper car and booster seats are also beneficial for any road trip. These car tools can avoid road-related injuries. For infants, it is advisable to use rear-facing-only seats, while toddlers and preschoolers must use forward-facing seats with a harness. Lastly, for school-aged children, it is preferable to use booster seats. Know the right seats for your children to guarantee their safety during long trips.

A first-aid kit should also be top-priority to ensure safety during road trips. Prepare materials for wound care, sprains, and aches. As moms, you are aware of medications your children might need. Remember to include those medications in your first-aid kit, especially during long drives. Additionally, bring travel-sized toiletries to be ready for potentially out-of-order public restrooms.

Set a Proper Departure Time

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During long trips with your kids, it is essential to leave at the right time. It is advisable to leave early in the morning. This way, you can have some quiet time since your children will be asleep for the first hours of the trip. It is also a practical approach to avoid traffic jams. Since it is early in the morning, there are not many vehicles on the road. You can take advantage of that situation to lessen the time of your journey.

When traveling with kids, it is crucial to let them have 6 to 8 hours of sleep. For adults, a 5-hour sleep is still acceptable. But, never go on a road trip with less than 5 hours of sleep. It would be best if you slept as much as your children need. Having a good rest the night before is also a way to avoid road accidents.

Aim for Comfort

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Aside from safety, it would be best if you also prioritize comfort. Dress your kids in their favorite, snug clothes. These could include pajamas, shorts, and shirts. Fancy clothes are not an option for long road trips since they may be challenging for prolonged sitting and potty scenarios. For extra comfort, you can also bring their favorite stuffed toys and blankets. These items can bring the at-home feeling that can give them enjoyment or proper rest.

It is also beneficial to bring a compact potty. Public restrooms are not always reliable, and the next stop might be too far away. When your kid needs to go and is forced to hold it in, he will become restless in his seat and your attention will be affected. On top of that, it is unhealthy to withhold stool.

By bringing a travel potty, you and your kid are assured of a smooth-sailing trip. Encourage your kids to test the portable potty. By doing so, they can become familiar and comfortable with using the potty.

For added comfort, have a strategic seat plan. If you have children whose personalities are clashing, it is preferable to place them apart from one another. You and your children can have a stress-free ride if there will be no fights along the way.

Have Fun

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Lastly, it is essential to have fun while on a road trip with your kids. It should be a time to bond with your children. You can pack surprise bags with treats such as candies and toys to ease unavoidable boredom during long trips. If you are busy and cannot prepare such gifts, you can stop at candy stores or parks along the way.

It is advisable to bring a portable DVD player for your kids so they can watch their favorite movies or shows. Another gadget to entertain your kids is an iPad. You can download exciting app for the trip. But, if you wish to control screen time, plan a road trip games for your kids. Guessing and spy games are examples of road trip entertainment. These games are incredible ways to connect with them.

Let the next road trip with your kids will be an enjoyable and safe one!