The 8 Most Practical Accessories To Get For Your Ford Truck – 2024 Guide

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Do you drive a Ford F-150? You are not alone! It’s among the most popular vehicles in the US. The pickup truck is full-size with a stellar performance. But there are a few things you wish to change at times. Accessories help with that! Here are some of the most practical accessories to get for your Ford truck. Find out more.

1. Tyger Auto T1 Tonneau Bed Cover

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A tonneau cover turns your truck’s bed into a private carriage. With it, you get a weatherproof transportation means for your cargo. All this is without hampering the truck’s utility.

Tyger Auto has a range of tonneau cover designs. Our recommendation is the T1 cover. The Tyger Auto T1 Cover is a soft, roll-up model. The material that makes it is marine-grade vinyl. It fits over an aircraft-grade aluminum frame.

It is beneficial in:

  • Keeping out unauthorized cargo access.
  • Protecting cargo from the elements
  • Giving your truck a nice complete look, rather than having an open back bed.

2. HitchSafe Key Vault

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The HitchSafe key vault is a brilliant hidden storage accessory. For a safe, it is tiny. Lock away your spare key, wallet, or cash. You can also hide your credit cards and other valuables. The vault has a secure combination lock. It is easy to install and waterproof.

It is beneficial in:

  • Locking away your spare key in case you lock yourself out of your F-150.
  • Keeping your valuables where unauthorized access is impossible.

3. Undercover SwingCase for Built-In Cargo Storage

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Do you wish that your Ford F-150 has a built-in cargo box for storing small items? The UnderCover SwingCase is a swing-out bin. It mounts on the bed of your truck against one side.

The SwingCase opens through 180 degrees to end up over the tailgate. It gives easy access to your content even if you are standing on the ground. It has a security top lock.

Then it affixes in place against the inner side of the pickup. It can thus not move around while you drive.

To install the SwingCase needs no special tools. Once in place, its top sits about three inches below the bed rail. It thus does not interfere with the tonneau cover. It can fit on either inner side of the truck’s bed. Or you can have two if need be.

The benefits include:

  • Creating extra storage
  • Compacting contents so that they don’t move around on the truck’s bed
  • Providing extra security for items carried under the tonneau cover

4. Ford F 150 Boxlink Accessories

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The Ford F 150 boxlink truck bed system features four mounting plates. It works to tie down cargo and attach accessories. You can buy the following Ford F 150 Boxlink accessories from that work with it:

  • Stowable loading ramps
  • E-track aftermarket accessories
  • Bed dividers

5. Bull Ring Pickup Bed Tie-Downs

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You might have ever wished that your F-150 pickup had tie-downs for mounting cargo on its bed rails’ tops. If so, your solution is with Bull Ring’s flush-mount tie-downs.

The Bull Ring’s tie-downs are metal hook rings. To these, you can hook the cargo’s retention strap. Also, you can tie off some length of rope.

When not using the rings, you can slide them down below the bed rail’s top. Here they stay out of the way until when next in use. Bull Ring says you will not need special tools to install the tie-downs. A screwdriver is often all you need to fasten the tie-downs. Once in place, Bull Ring rates that their tie-downs can carry 1,000 lbs of weight.

The benefits:

  • Increasing your truck’s utility.
  • Allowing for more space.

The disadvantages:

  • Requiring minor modifications to the F-150’s railing
  • It only fits the pickup’s bed’s rear railing

6. Husky Liners Sunshade

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When you park your Ford F-150 in hot, sunny weather, you want to find it cool inside when you get back. The best solution for the sauna heat problem is a sunshade. We recommend the Husky Liners custom sunshade. It helps your pickup cabin to keep cool.

It is the perfect design that fits your Ford F-150’s windshield. It keeps out direct sunlight and keeps your cabin cool. The Husky Liners sunshade features a reflective outward-facing side. It thus keeps off direct sunlight rays. It also has an insulating foam core center. It is what keeps the heat of the sun off. Husky Liners sunshades reflect off harmful UV rays. These usually damage dashboards over time.

The benefits:

  • It covers the windshield in a perfect fit.
  • It keeps out harmful UV light.
  • It folds away with ease.

The disadvantages:

  • It is expensive
  • It is not easy to install around F-150 A-pillar handles

7. Rydonair Flexible Rubber Antenna

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From the factory, Ford F-150s come with tall, metal antennae. Their radio signal reception performance is strong. But it keeps hitting garage doors. Indoor parking thus becomes challenging, especially where there are low ceilings.

Rydonair has a low-profile replacement antenna. It is flexible and creates low resistance against the wind in highway driving. It reverts to its upright position on slowing down.

The rubber antenna mounts on a sturdy aluminum base. It also has a carbon fiber column that adds extra strength. Such modifications work to give the Rydonair antenna its high-tech looks.

The benefits:

  • It doesn’t hit low ceilings and garage doors
  • Provides a stealthy high-tech look on your F-150
  • Moves with the wind in highway driving

The disadvantages

  • It is shorter than the factory one, leading to lower reception radio performance
  • The brass mounting can break off with slight mishandling

8. Husky Liners Weatherbeater Car Floor Mats

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The Ford F-150 is manifest in rugged works and terrains. But its comfort makes it sell so well as a daily driving vehicle. Do you use your F-150 truck for both occupational and family needs? If so, a set of Husky floor mats will protect your truck’s interior. That way, you get to work and still enjoy family rides.

The mats collect dirt and hold it off the carpet. They have separate mats for both front footwells. A set also has a large floor liner for the entire rear seat floor.

Its advantages:

  • It fits the F-150 floor design
  • It has raised edges to contain dirt.

The disadvantages

  • A set is expensive compared to average car mat prices
  • Its slippery finish causes items placed on them to slide around while you drive.

Final Thought

It is not easy for engineers of genuine Ford F-150 parts to please 100% of their customers. They cannot spend every resource on accessories that don’t appeal to everyone’s needs.

That’s why there are aftermarket accessories. They have unique market perspectives. They curate accessories that suit customer tastes with precision. Which of the F-150 accessories we’ve listed do you like most? Let us know if you’ll try it soon!