Alchemy Stars Aurorian Elements Guide. How to download and Play Alchemy Stars on PC? – 2024

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Alchemy Stars is the top role-playing, and multiplayer online game developed and published by PROXIMA BETA. This game includes Innovative strategic gameplay with powerful unique characters. The players can have more adventure in this game. The game has the best graphics, and also there are amazing tasks for players. There is a unique level system in this game, and the players can upgrade their level in different ways. You can download and play this game on any Android and iOS device. The players can also visit here to download Alchemy Stars on PC by using Android emulators.

Aurorian Elements Guide

Role-playing games are the top trend nowadays, and most gamers play role-playing games because they possess both action and role-playing features. In these games, the players can choose multiple and different characters and fight the real PVP battles. Alchemy Stars is a new role-playing game and is liked by many gamers. In this game, there are also different characters. The players can find more than 80 different characters in this game. We know that in each game, we call the characters with a specific name like heroes, champions, monsters, etc.

But in this game, the character is known as Aurorian. In Alchemy Stars, there are four different types of elements, and they are named Forest, Thunder, Fire, and Water. In each element, the players can find different Aurorian. The purpose of these elements is to make easy the understanding of characters for players. When the player gets knowledge about these elements, they will ultimately know about the features of Aurorian in each element. Therefore the players must know about each element in detail. In this article, we will discuss all the four elements in detail, and after this, you will easily understand each character.

Water (Blue)

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The water characters are free, and the characters in this element are friendly to players. We also call the water elements Aurorian as multi roles characters. The player can use them for different purposes. At the begging of the game, the players can get the three most powerful characters free of cost. These free characters at the beginning of the game belong to the water element. Therefore we also call this element as beginning element, and the characters of this element are best to build a team at the start of the game. They have no specialized role, but the players can use them for many purposes. We recommend all beginners to use the water element characters for a better start.

Fire (Red)

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As mentioned in their name, these characters are highly destroying elements. They are known as the more powerful elements among all other elements. Unlike the water element, these characters have specific roles. The Fire element characters are responsible for high DPS and attack the enemy team with great damage. These characters are also famous for their strong AOE skills and damage.

Along with damage and AOE skills, these characters are also best in support, and the Fire element includes 5-star support characters. For a strong fight, these characters are the choice of every player. They also perform many roles in Alchemy Stars gameplay. The gameplay of these characters is not easy. The Fire elements are premium, and only a few can be obtained free at the start of the game. As the players progress in the game, they will be able to get more Fire characters.

Forest (Green)

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The forest units are considered the most complicated unit in Alchemy Stars. These units have unique and different gameplay from all other elements of this game. In some conditions, these characters become overpower and perform well. These characters are famous due to their high mobility skills. They have the skills to move from one tile to another without counted turns. These characters are also able to reset the tiles. Due to the complex nature and features of Forest Element, it is not good for new players. We do not recommend the new players build a team with Forest element because the beginners cannot understand them due to their complexity. However, they may be beneficial for players of advanced levels.

Thunder (Yellow)

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Thunder units are the best units in Alchemy Stars because these characters are balanced and Flexible. The main role of these characters is DPS, and they are specific for different types of damages. They can attack the enemies in a better way and deal with great damage. These units have skills for long-range attacks. They can attack enemies from a long distance. The Thunder character is best for beginners, and the new players can make a good team with these characters. The high-level players can also use these characters for better gameplay. We recommend all beginners to add the Thunder element character while building the best team.

How to Play Alchemy Stars on PC?

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We know that in the world, there are different types of players. Most gamers are Smartphone gamers and use their Android or iOS devices to play games. But also some players like to play this game on PC. Some of these players do not know how to download this game on PC. However, they can easily play Alchemy Stars on PC by using different Android emulators. The players can use any Android emulator to play games, but the fastest Android emulator is LDPlayer.

Why it is the fastest android emulator?

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It is true that it is the fastest Android emulator used to play Android games on PC. The reason why it becomes so famous is that players can use its top features and professional settings to play all kinds of mobile games on PC smoothly. It has advanced graphics and the best settings. The players can easily control the games with the keyboard mapping feature. It has an updated Kernal version, Also, it is safe for players.

How to download this android emulator?

Follow the below steps to get downloaded

1. Visit the official website
2. Tap on Emulator and click the download button.
3. Wait for downloading.
4. After downloading, install it on your PC.
5. Open the app and play your desired games by using this emulator.