All About the Ford F-150

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No matter what the job is, the powerful and rugged Ford F-150 can get it done. It’s got the versatility to take care of all your needs, whether you’re a professional contractor hauling heavy materials around the job site, or you simply want to haul oversized cargo through town.

Pick-up trucks are incredibly useful vehicles, and Ford’s F-150 has become the quintessential pick-up truck for good reason. Read on to learn about some of the reasons why this truck is so beloved, and how new models have been upgraded to reflect changing times.

Specs under the Hood

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The 2019 F-150 boasts the most advanced powertrain lineup ever, and offers best-in-class torque. With a payload of 3,270 pounds and the ability to tow up to 13,200 pounds, you’ll get more than enough toughness from the F-150.

Again, there are many different F-150s depending on what model, trim and features you select. In addition to the beast-mode trucks, the entry level Ford XL F-150 gives you a 3.3 litre Ti-VCT V6 engine with 6-speed transmission, making it suitable for everyday jobs. It also has three driving modes: normal, tow-haul and sport.

Make sure you visit your local dealership like ColonyFordLincoln to hear their experts guide you further about which F-150 is right for you. Look for a family-owned dealership that has been operating for decades to get friendly, pressure-free support. They often have lots filled with trucks you can test drive.

The Modular Truck

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It’s common to think of one single thing called the Ford F-150, but actually the F-150 comes in so many different trims and models that there are over 40 permutations of F-150 you can select from based on your needs and wants.

Choose between the Ford F-150 XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Raptor, Platinum and Limited, which offer a sliding scale of power and torque, and its own suite of amenities. Within each model you can customize further, so you have total control over what kind of engine, technology and interior features you get.

This way, you only pay for the features you really need, not the ones you don’t use. If you need a heavy-duty truck to tow big payloads, get it! But if you are transporting lighter loads and want a more nimble vehicle that can more smoothly navigate downtown spaces, you can get a smaller F-150.

Modern Amenities

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While it’s common for television to emphasize the tougher aspects of a Ford F-150, today’s pickup trucks are loaded with features to make you and your passengers comfortable, entertained, and safe.

Advanced safety features like Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Braking can detect that your vehicle is on a course to collide with another car or a pedestrian — first, you’ll see a warning on the windshield and hear an audible alert, but the truck’s brakes are readied so you can make a responsive stop.

Some models of Ford F-150 come with sound systems boasting Bang and Olufsen speakers. The Sync3 LCD touch screen makes it seamless and easy to link your smartphone to your truck. With SiriusXM Radio, you’ll love having a world of music and talk radio at your fingertips.

Visit your local Ford dealership today to get the Ford F-150, so you can finish whatever job needs doing.