5 Animals That Could Show Up in Your Toilet and Scare You

Animals in Your Toilet

Most likely, you have heard about Australia and their problem with animals appearing in toilets. However, Australia is not the only country you can experience something like this. A man who lives in Florida, more exactly in Coral Springs, one day lifted a lid on his toilet and saw a python that bit him on the arm. Thankfully, the python was nonvenomous, so the treatment wasn’t necessary. This was just an introduction we are going to tell you five stories similar to this one.


Animals That Could Show Up in Your Toilet and Scare You
source: Salon.com

Some of the people believe that it is just a myth, but it isn’t. Rats can really crawl into your toilet bowl. This is not something that happens rarely, it is just the opposite. A couple from London had a rat peeking from the inside of their toilet bowl for eight months back in 2013. Several residents of Brooklyn reported that they spotted rats in their homes who crawled through their toilet.

An owner of Brooklyn Pest Control, or BPC, Eddie Marco, said that this is not something that is rare, especially for apartments located on a first floor or in the basement. Also, it is more likely to happen if the pipes are empty, so if the rat crawls up, he can`t get back. For example, in Portland, vector control receives ten to fifteen calls about dead or alive rats per year. Marco gave free advice. If you see a rat in your toilet, flush it down or reach out to LiddleRascals.ca for assistance.


Now, we now have the strangest case of them all. Surely, this is the most unlikely case to happen, period. A Tallahassee magazine writer found a squirrel in her toilet. Several years before that, a woman from Oklahoma found a squirrel splashing in her toilet bowl. Two officers were needed for successful removal of the animal from the woman`s bathroom.

We have another example, a woman from Winnipeg found a squirrel in her bathroom, who was trapped in the pipes. However, that woman freed that little squirrel, washed her, cleaned her, feed her, and set it free.


Finding a frog in your toilet is probably not as scary as finding a rat or a snake. However, it is just as uncomfortable when you see a frog hanging out of your toilet. Finding frogs in your toilet is far common than your thing. It is more common than finding a rat or a snake. Google shows that searching for “frog in the toilet” results in more than 27 million searches.

In Florida, one resident found frogs in his toilet, so he wrote to the Tampa Bay Times for help. He asked them how a frog of medium size can reach people`s toilets through the sewers. So, they responded with a recommendation that he should turn the lights off in the toilet in order to stop attracting them, or putting mesh screen over the toilet.


Possums are really strange animals. They have several habits that are pretty unique for them, like playing dead. Also, they are enjoying taking a swim. One Australian citizen, called Tim, reported that he found a baby possum in his toilet, while he was doing laundry. In Austin, Texas, a man found in the toilet something that he thought was a rat, but instead, it was a little baby possum.

He and his wife rescued a little possum and sent it to nature. In 2013, a writer from Virginia, called Karin Fuller, remembered that she found a dead possum in her toilet. She had reasons to believe that he crawled into the toilet through the pipes.


Animals That Could Show Up in Your Toilet and Scare You
source: usatoday.com

In 2015, a five-and-a-half-foot long boa was removed from a toilet in an ordinary office building. The action was performed by the Department of Animal Services in San Diego. A person who found the snake noticed that something is not right with the level of water in the toilet. After she started plunging it, snake pooped out of the toilet.

It is presumed that the snake didn’t come through the toilet into the building, but instead, there is some suspicion that it was left there by someone. We have more similar stories about snakes in the toilets. A man who lives in Staten Island found California kingsnake in his toilet. In Pennsylvania, a woman found a black snake in the commode in her house. In Israel, a man was bitten on the penis by a snake who was hidden in his toilet. In India, a family from Mumbai found a six-foot Cobra in a toilet.