Backyard Plants: How to Make your Property look more Beautiful

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When you have a house with a big backyard, it can be quite expensive to constantly keep it beautiful, but there are quite a few landscaping ideas we have to share with you that are not as costly as you would think.

Naturally, the first idea that comes to everyone when it comes to landscaping a regular backyard is to just start planting a bunch of flowers, plants or trees. And yes, you are correct, plants are truly the cheapest and probably the best way you could do this.

However, there are a few other things you could add to your own yard to make it more appealing to your neighbors and to your guests. Don’t worry, we will also cover the plants you should use when modeling your property, but we will also cover some of those other things so you can have a bit of variety. Filling your whole yard with a bunch of flowers that are not a good combination is not the most ideal way.

So if you want to make your property look awesome without having to spend tons of money, here are some of the tips we have for you.

Start planting

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Yes, the first step you will have to do take is to start planting so you can get a general idea of how your final project will look. You can use trees, flowers and other types of plants to form the yard to your idea and then imagine where all of your other additions will go to.

Keep most of the flowers at the front of your house

If you have supplied yourself with a bunch of different flowers for your garden then we recommend that you plant most of them in the front. A bunch of differently colored plants will make your house feel much more welcoming and warm. Even if you do not have enough space between your home and the fence or the street you can just plant one row of some of the flowers we are going to recommend.

  • Daylilies

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This flowering plant is a favorite to most horticulturalists and garden lovers because they are pretty easy to grow and care for. They will also bloom longer and will stay that way for a bit longer than most of the other flowers. Even when the flower dies out, they look amazing even as a green plant, so we advise you use this one for the front of the garden.

  • Sunflowers

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What is better than a tall stem and huge flower that will greet all of your neighbors and guests? The sunflower is very easy to plant and will grow in almost any kind of soil. It has a giant round-shaped flower head and bright and long yellow petals.

  • Marigolds

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If the entrance faces the East or the South part of your house, you should consider planting Marigolds as they are very easy to grow in sunnier spots. They can grow in very bright colors such as yellow, gold, red and will bloom throughout the whole summer. Who doesn’t want a pathway to their entrance enriched with such a beautiful plant?

Trim your trees and bushes

If you already have a bunch of bushes and trees grown in your backyard then you can use these plants to form your garden and use them as a way to achieve the desired look. Trees are what makes this planet so green and beautiful, so why not enrich your backyard with them too?

However, if you want them to always make your backyard pretty, you cannot let them get overgrown and ruin the image of your garden. You will always have to keep an eye on them to make sure that the branches are not throwing shade over the flowers that need a lot of sun throughout the day.

You will also have to be careful that the branches do not reach the façade of your house as it may damage it. We recommend that you trim your trees at least every five or six months.

According to, conifers such as Thuja Green Giant are much easier to care for and a great way to create a wall of privacy in your property.

You should also consider planting a bunch of bushes next to your fence if you do not have enough money to renovate it this year as that can be a pretty expensive process. Replacing a white picket fence around the whole property can cost you over $5,000 which can above your budget. This is why you should use bushes to hide the ugly “fence” around your home and give it a more natural feel.

Plant some vines

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Another way you can make your fence around the house a bit prettier is by using vines. If you like the wooden and rustic feel of your backyard because of your fence, then bushes or huge trees are not the solutions. There are various types of vines you can use to enhance the look of your garden. There really isn’t anything better than those “tentacles” that are wrapping around all of your wooden fencings and then finally bloom in the summer.

Vines will not only look beautiful, but they are also pretty easy to plant. You just have to plant a few seeds here and there next to something they can latch onto and then the growing process is completely “automated”. They start looking for the tallest objects near them and they start wrapping around them so they can grow higher and higher.

Of course, if you do not like where the vines are directed you can just cut them up or even redirect them to the position you want them to reach. Depending on the vines and the fertilizer you use, they can easily latch onto every single piece of fencing you have around your house in just seven or eight months.