Before Your Baby Is Born: What You Need to Prepare – 2024 Guide

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The abundance of products for children is nowadays impressive. There are so many baby bouncers, strollers, chairs, clothes, accessories, products for feeding, and many-many more. It’s worth checking out guides on the best products for your baby at Kidsco. While getting ready for the birth of a baby, especially a first one, parents tend to worry and purchase too many items. A lot of things turn out to be unnecessary. We are going to list the necessities to prepare before your kid is born. You can also check this website and find some great advices.

First of all, do not fall for attractive deals that are currently available in stores. Even though toddler clothing at is so adorable and affordable, wait until your baby reaches this age. In two years, fashion will change and you will unlikely put on these outfits.

Must-haves Before the Birth of a Baby

Before compiling a list, it is necessary to take into account the season when your baby is expected. Undeniably, the main wardrobe should contain clothes suitable for this season. Here are some general recommendations:

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  • Bodysuits & Onesies: These are the most convenient outfits for newborns ever. It takes just a few movements to dress your little one in them. Besides, you won’t have to worry about rolling shirts under the back or that your kid may be cold during the stroll outside. There are long- and short-sleeved versions. The choice should be made depending on the season. You will need at least 5-7 bodysuits and several onesies for the night sleep.
  • Pants & Shorts: Make sure to have at least 5-7 pairs of pants. In the first months, you will have to change clothes often. To avoid everyday laundry, provide enough basic outfits.
  • Sleeping sack: This is a necessary item for the night’s sleep. It’s generally not recommended to cover your newborn with a blanket. If you are interested, read more about the SIDS risks and possible reasons.
  • Warm clothes for warm seasons: This is one of the most controversial matters. Lots of people are afraid that a newborn is cold all the time and tend to put more warm clothes on them. However, it is better to consider the specifics of a particular kid. Some newborns have indeed got difficulties with proper thermal regulation of the body temperature. They may need an additional layer of clothes or vice versa. That is why buying a lot of warm clothes for summer is unnecessary. Just one fleece onesie will suffice to make sure that your newborn is not cold in the evening.
  • Hat or cap: This is a must-have for summer to protect the head of your little one from the impact of the sun. However, if a baby is always in the stroller, and there are no direct sun rays, a hat may be unnecessary.
  • Socks: A lot of parents tend to put on socks even in summer. Once again, their necessity depends on the peculiarities of thermal regulation. If you still think that socks are necessary, note that newborns manage to somehow take them off. Pants with footies are better in this case.

What Else Will You Need?

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Above we have listed the basic items you will need for your newborn. However, this is undeniably not all. First of all, it is necessary to acquire enough warm clothes and an overall for winter, especially if you reside in cold northern states. Here are some more tips for the selection of clothes for a newborn:

1. Fabrics

Somebody may think that newborn outfits are completely natural by default. You can be surprised by the fact that there are a lot of options that have 5 to even 20% of artificial additives. That is why check the content stated on the label and trust your sensations. If you think the fabric is not completely natural, there can be something added.

2. Colors

The range of clothes for babies is so impressive. You can find any color. Despite your favorite color, make sure that bodysuits and onesies are white, light-blue, beige, gray, or pink. It is unknown how the fabrics have been dyed to achieve that beautiful red color. Allergic reactions can be caused by the dye. That is why refuse from bright colors for at least the first several months.

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3. Detergent

This is another matter requiring your attention. Luckily, there are a lot of options in the market that are produced with almost no chemicals and won’t cause allergies. However, do not buy the biggest bottle. Try it and make sure that the chosen detergent is suitable for your skin at first and the skin of your newborn. In any case, it is better to rinse clothes twice.

4. Size

Do not buy everything in the newborn size. During the first months, your little one will grow considerably. Thus, several weeks after coming back from the hospital, all the newborn clothes can be too small. Only basic items should be sized for a newborn. All the other outfits can be chosen of the 3-6M size.

5. No Accessories

From the first days, the hands and fingers of your baby are quite strong. So, any accessory or decoration on the clothes can be torn and swallowed. This is extremely dangerous. So, while choosing outfits for a newborn, make sure that all the buttons are securely fixed. It is even better to avoid having them on the clothes for a newborn. Of course, some accessories are allowed for a newborn photoshoot when your kid is permanently supervised.

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Final Word

There are so many diverse items you can buy for your baby. Everything depends not just on the financial possibilities but on the lifestyle you are used to. For instance, if you are an active family enjoying hiking in the mountains and you do not plan to give up on your hobby, your baby will need outfits that are suitable for this lifestyle, i.e, windproof and water-resistant overall. Besides, instead of a stroller, such a family will need a sling.

There is no all-purpose list of must-haves. Some families are not purchasing a crib because they support the co-sleeping idea, while others are simply using a stroller for this purpose because it is more compact. The choice depends on you and your partner. Therefore, read the recommendations we have provided but make sure that you are buying items you find really necessary for your family.