Best Beaches in Canada

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When you think of Canada, there are about a million things that you are going to think of first before you think about the beaches that this country has. We aren’t blaming you for that – Canada is not known for the hot weather of for the exotic locations.

But, the Atlantic ocean and the Pacific are right there, so there is no doubt that Canada has to offer quite a few beaches. But, the most popular beaches are the ones near the lakes.

Today, we are going to take a look at the best beaches that Canada has to offer.

Skaha Beach, British Columbia

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The Okanagan Valley is known for some of the most beautiful beaches that you can see. There are quite a lot of teenagers hanging around there, playing volleyball or something else. Something really interesting about Skaha is that there are sand art competitions in August, and it happens each year. If you are thinking about visiting Canada and wanting to see something different – this is the one.

Kathleen Lake, Kluane National Park and Reserve, Yukon

Kluane translates to „big fish“. The area around this lake that is 80 kilometers long is really nice looking, at this park is UNESCO World Heritage site. The lake’s panoramic beauty is something that not a lot of places in the world can top. Grizzlies around the lake are something to be afraid off and it is one of the biggest downfalls of this place. Other than that, the wildlife paradise in the area around the lake is astonishing.

Grand Beach, Grand Beach Provincial Park, Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba

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This is a three kilometers long beach right near the Lake Winnipeg, Canada’s sixth-largest lake. This is a really popular destination for a lot of Canadians as the beach is nice. Surfing is popular here, as well as boardsailing, boating, birdwatching, fishing, etc.

There are tennis and golf courses nearby, so there is something for everybody. Definitely, a place to visit.

Lawrencetown Beach, Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park, Nova Scotia

Talk about „big things coming in small packages“, this 1.5 km long beach is full of prime surfing breaks. A lot of families come here, as well as mountain bikers, bodyboarders, and hikers. Everybody has a blast here, which is why we are going to put this one on the list. The most amazing thing is that the waves can even peak at four meters. The only downside here is the Hurricanes that visit the beach from time to time, which is dangerous for all the people that are surfing. Stay safe.

Iles de la Madeleine, Quebec

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There is around 300-km stretch of sand here which is perfect for things like windsurfing, kitesurfing and scuba diving. There is no doubt that this is one of the most beautiful things that Canada has to offer. If you ever just want to visit a place in Canada, regardless of it being a beach or something else, this is the one to visit, without any doubt. When you take a look at the pictures – you will realize why.