Best Padlocks for Storage Units 2024 – Top Reviews

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If you have found a perfect place for your valuable to store, then all you need is a storage unit! If you already have a storage unit, you need to secure it in the best way possible. Getting the best padlock for your storage units will provide extra security for all your valuable belongings.  In this article, you will find top padlocks for your storage unit.

1. Best Corrosion Resistant Padlock –  SESAMEE K436 Combination Padlock

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This model from Sesamee has good weather and cut resistance. Its solid brass body made of hardened steel makes it extremely durable. There are over 10 000 unique options you can customize your combination for easy recall.

2. Best Medium Level Security Padlock – Stanley Hardware S828-160 CD8820

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Because of its molybdenum shackle, this ASTM security grade 5 Stanley padlock is resistant to cutting and sewing. It has a 6-pin cylinder which will fool every thief. This model is great because its design eliminates chances of drilling and gets you covered on the security area.

3. Best Foolproof Padlock – ASUS 20/70 DISKUS 

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Abus Diskus padlock is product made in Germany and it provides you maximum strength.

Its shackle has little room for cutting or drilling.

The padlock is made of high-quality stainless steel which makes it resistant to pulling and manipulation.

4. Best Everyday Use Padlock – Master Lock 141D

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This Master Lock is made up of an aluminum body which makes it corrosion and scratch-resistant.

Even though the shackle is made from hardened steel, it is not covered so it makes it a little bit vulnerable.

It also has  a dual locking lever and 4-pin locking mechanism,

5. Best Heavy Duty Padlock – ABUS 37/80

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The Abus 37/80 has an amazing tensile strength of 25,000 pounds. Both the body and shackle are made of made from strong and durable material. Additionally, it is resistant against pulling and drilling. The bottom is constructed of hardened steel which is an added bonus to the already amazing padlock.

6. Best High-Level Security Padlock – Medeco

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Because the cylinder has hardened stainless steel inserts, this model from Medeco is one of the best padlocks out there.

The shackle is firm, giving extra protection against cutting.

Because the padlock has a tumbler pin system that rotates and elevates, it makes it almost impossible to pick.

7. Best Padlock for Weak Hasps – MUL-T-LOCK MT5+ TR 100

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A lot of people say that this padlock is a little bit different. It is designed to conceal its shackle and obscure the hasp. Because of its complexity, it makes it very hard to pick. The thing which is vulnerable to drilling is the padlock because the key-way is not protected.

8. Best High Price Padlock – Ingersoll 10

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The Ingersoll 10 is probably one of the best padlocks for storage units because it combines the best characteristics from all of the previous padlocks. It is nearly impossible to pick it. Its body and shrouded shackle are very thick and strong, so nobody will be able to cut and drill it.

Here are some things you should consider when choosing a padlock:

1. Determine the level of security needed

Because there are so many options on the market you should always choose smartly. Padlocks come in different shapes and sizes. Before you buy one, always determine what kind of security level you need so that later on, it doesn’t backfire.

2. Should it have a shrouded or exposed shackle?

The weakest part of any lock is the shackle which is U shaped. If you buy a shrouded shackle, you will probably get more security because they are thicker and more solid than cheaper ones. Of course, there are some exposed shackles which are not easy to brake. We think that the best padlocks for storage units are the ones that feature shrouded and thick shackles.

3. Dimensions of your padlock

It is very frustrating when you buy a padlock and find out later that it doesn’t fit where you wanted to put it. You are often not able to change the size of your storage unit so be careful when choosing a new padlock.

4. Choose your padlock size according to your needs

Always double- check when buying the padlock and where you will be using it.

5. Regular Padlocks vs. Disc Padlocks

Regular padlocks are usually easier to cut than disk padlocks. Disk padlocks generally proved better security compared to regular padlocks. This is because the is so little space that it is almost impossible for bolt cutters to find space for cutting.

6. What about combination padlocks?

Combination locks can work great for some people but we recommend that you shouldn’t buy them because they are easier to break into.

7. Corrosion can eat away your lock

You should always be careful when buying a lock for your storage in terms of corrosion resistance. Corrosion can ruin your padlock over time and then your property will be vulnerable to burglars.

8. Don’t break your bank buying a padlock

This goes without saying. You should always keep your budget in mind. The best advice is, just because a padlock is expensive, it doesn’t mean it’s the best.

9. Choose the best material

One of the most important things about a padlock is the material from which the padlock is made of. Steel, alloy steel, aluminum, carbides are some of the most common materials available. They will provide you with strength, longevity, hardness,  and resistance to corrosion.

Additional Information Regarding Security


Price of padlock can vary from $5 to $5000. The expensive ones are generally used in the military. You probably won’t need that one but you also shouldn’t buy the cheap ones because they will provide minimum security

Do cylinder locks provide the best security but?

Cylinder locks will provide you with the best security but they are also the hardest to install. One of the most important advice is NEVER accepted keys if they had been used by the previous owner.

Storage facility might not have the best locks

A lot of owners will try to cut costs by spending less on a high-quality padlock which can backfire in the future.

Choose the right facility

Padlocks are not everything when it comes to security. You should choose a facility which has good lighting and proper fencing. It should also have a on-site manager so that you can always change your security measures if it is needed.

Anti-drill plates – What do they do?

These are very important because they prevent a drill bite into the metallic portion of your lock. This is one of the most important features you should be looking for if you want the best padlock for your storage units.

General security measures

Some of the general security measures you can take in order to keep your property safe are to keep your key safe, do not buy used locks, always buy locks from trusted places, be mindful of the hasp size and always try to keep your assets indoor.

These were some of the best padlocks on the market, and we hope that it helped you in choosing and using your future padlock.