Best Places to See Northern Lights in Canada

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There are various natural phenomena in the world, and each one of them is magnificent and deserves our attention since it shows us how magnificent nature and its processes are. One of the most famous and most intriguing phenomena in the world are Northern Lights many people wonder how they are formed and what they are but there are also those who wonder what the best place to see Northern Lights in Canada is. So, let’s try to find this out.

  1. Yellowknife

One of the best places to see Northern Lights is located in the Northwest Territories. If you would like to have full comfort and enjoy the entire time of viewing those there, the best place is to go to Great Slave Lake and to visit this place. This is the best place where Aurora can be watched and enjoyed into.

  1. Churchill
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Among many places where Northern Lights can be watched is also Churchill. This is a small place that is actually located on the shores of Hudson Bay and it should be mentioned that it is located in Manitoba. This is a perfect setting since nature there is magnificent and it is combined with a lot of flora and fauna which can only make the viewing of Aurora even more memorable.

  1. Whitehorse

This place is located in Yukon and the place itself is surrounded by Miles Canyon on one side and Yukon River on the other side. It should be mentioned that there are various packages offered here which would carefully plan and pick the place and time for you to watch this magnificent natural phenomenon.

  1. Jasper
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Jasper is located in the province of Alberta, which is also rich in magnificent flora and fauna which can only make the viewing of this natural phenomenon even more pleasant. It should be mentioned that the place is located within the borders of Jasper National Park and this is significant since this park is on the second position when we are talking about national parks with dark sky. The park itself has the surface of 4,250 square miles.

  1. Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay is located in Ontario and it should be mentioned that there are two places there which offer the magnificent views of Aurora. We are talking about Terry Fox Memorial and Mount McKay Scenic Lookout. These are the places that will provide you with the richest experience of Aurora.

  1. Iqaluit
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The location of this place is Nunavut. This may be one of the most popular places where people can see Northern Lights since this is the place where the sky is colored in ribbon-like stripes. It should be noted that during the winter, it is very cold here, but the lights are still bright.

  1. Dawson Creek

This one is located in the province of British Columbia and the natural surrounding would only enrich the entire experience. It should be noted that the warmness of the lights is accompanied by the coldness of the temperature there.