Best Tips to Get Discounts and Save Money While Shopping

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Saving money is most of our key goal while shopping, be it for any occasion. Especially during the festive season, it is important to keep certain tips and tricks on your mind to get a great deal and come home with a big discount.

Whether you like online shopping or visiting the local stores, we have relevant tips for you that will help you get better deals than anyone else and clinch your purchase at a great price.

Check out our best tips to get bigger discounts and better offers while shopping for any special location.

1. Try shopping online

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We often hesitate to buy certain things online, because we feel we will get counterfeit products. But at this day and age, you should always check deals online before visiting a nearby store to buy something. Often, online shopping websites like Amazon offer better discounts and deals. The products also come with a warranty and you can return or exchange them if you are not satisfied. So, opt for the online option if you get a better deal.

2. Don’t be afraid of giving your e-mail to websites’ pop-up

We know what you might think: “I don’t want to receive marketing e-mails!” .Well, we can understand that too much of these e-mails isn’t good, but if you really like a brand, or really want an item from a website, then it’s worth it, here’s why: E-commerce websites usually send you a promo-code just after you sign-up! Why missing a 20% discount on these beautiful items you really want? Companies like Tada have even developed gamified pop-ups that’ll increase your chance of winning the best deal.

3. Prefer paying for your purchase in cash

If you want to get more discounts on your purchase, always prefer paying in cash, according to Credit card transactions cost the merchant a certain percentage of money on every purchase. Offering to pay in cash might coax the seller to offer you some additional discount. Ask the store to give you a little bit of concession in return for paying in cash.

4. Accumulate and use reward points

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It always pays off to join loyalty programs in supermarkets, stores or even shopping websites. Make sure to keep track of the reward points you accumulate, and keep the expiry dates in mind. If you have enough reward points, cash them in and get the stuff you need, even if it is something small like a pair of underwear or a dozen bananas. Anything for free is worth it, right?

5.  A must visit a liquidation/ wholesale store

If you really want to get discounts and save money while shopping, then you must visit a liquidation/ wholesale store. These stores buy the goods in bulk and sell them further at very low prices. Store like Quicklotz is a very good example of it, as they have both online as well as offline stores. Each and everything is available there at a discounted price. You can save your money by buying the products from these stores.

6. Know when and with whom to haggle

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Haggling is an art and very few people can do it successfully. But you should know when and how to haggle, and it will invariably fetch you a better price than was quoted in the beginning. Visit stores when they are less crowded so that you can spend more time with the salesperson and strike a favorable deal. If you have to make a bigger purchase, try visiting the store towards the month’s end. You can go to offline stores. It may so happen that the sales guy will give you a better price to meet his target.

7. Don’t shy away from asking questions

The key rule while bargain shopping is to be open about your budget and ask the right questions to the people in charge. Be candid and ask what the best price they can offer you on a certain item is. Tell them your budget and confide that you are eager to buy the product but can pay only this much. Very often, shopkeepers will give in to your candor and help you out with lower pricing.

All these and many more tips help you to save money when you shop small or big. Let us know your trick and keep shopping!