4 Winter Activities To Enjoy Outdoors in 2024

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When winter starts to kick in, most people start to wear their pajamas and curled up to their favorite blanket and stay in their homes as much as possible. After all, its cold, dark and no one is outside so it’s no fun to play around. Winter may be cold, but there are so many health benefits to getting outside during this time. To stay warm, MobilitySeeker has recommended some nice, essential heated clothing to go with.

Being active outdoors can help you reach your goal of having a perfect body shape or simply lose weight. It’s also effective to fight various health issues associated with cold weather. Here are four outdoor activities you can do during the winter season that will force you to get out of your house and take advantage of the season.

1. Ice Skating

Img source: pexels.com

One of the most elegant activities you can do with your family and friends during winter is ice skating. All you need is a pair of skates and courage. It is always fun to go sliding your feet around a big block of ice or in an ice skating rink. For amateurs, we tend to just sit around and hold on to the railings most of the time to avoid getting laughed out if we fall, but that too makes the fun part.

Ice skating is also a popular way to work out and keep you and your family active. It is a fun form of intense cardiovascular exercise which improves balance and builds muscle in your legs are body core. With proper training and the right attitude, you can learn the right technique to avoid injury and maximize your aerobic workout. 

If you are the type of person who always wants to be extra and kind of extreme, instead of just skating around why not add a game while skating on ice. You can play Skate and Pass, this is going to be chaotic but the fun it brings is one hundred percent legit. You will need playful music for this game. When the music starts to play, the players have to start skating in any directions they want to go.

Pass them a ball, which then will pass among themselves. The player who catches the ball has to pass it on as soon as he gets it and passes it to anyone around him. You need to call the player’s name, and only then you can pass on the ball. The player who gets the ball when the music stopped, is out of the game. It’s kind of a last man standing kind of game.

2. Camping

Img source: mountaineers.org

It’s so easy for some people to be intimidated by cold weather and long nights, but for people who are strong and have a heart for an extreme adventure, snow camping can be an exciting and memorable experience. There are many reasons why you should give snow camping a chance.

First, there’s a probability that you can have the whole area by yourself, enjoy the woods and you don’t have to worry about beating the crowd for a great campsite. There are other activities you can do when you’re camping such as sledding and build a bonfire and fire up some delicious smores. Although camping during winter has its challenges, it is always recommended that bring all the necessary gears and proper clothing attire if the weather gets extreme and be warm during your stay.

Night’s can be super cold and having a little heater that will last long through the night will be very helpful. Boil a liter of water and pour it to a hard plastic bottle, don’t use a metal bottle as it can burn your skin when it gets too hot. Close the lid tightly to the point that any water doesn’t come out of the bottle and put it in your sleeping bag. Placing it in between your legs or in your tummy will really heat you up.

Before you go to sleep or leave your camp, make sure that any items that can be easily blown away by wind and buried to the snow are put away and secure. Use you brought gears so they won’t disappear to the thick snow and make sure things like stove and water bottles are stored in a place where you can find them easily. 

3. Snowshoeing

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If you are a fan of hiking but don’t want to bury your feet to sink into the deep snow, give snowshoeing a chance. Snowshoeing is a great activity when going out with family and ideal for kids of all ages. This is the simplest way of traveling to heavy snow and since it requires little skill, its relatively easy to walk through the snow.

According to MyProScooter, in order to enjoy winter hiking, you’ll need to have the best snowshoes possible. Today’s snowshoes are much larger compared to the normal snow boots, their purpose is to cover a large surface area and evenly distribute the weight so the wearer can walk on the snow, instead of burying themselves into it. Snowshoeing is a great way to hike and boost your fitness levels.

4. Snow Tubing

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If you are looking for an alternative and a much fun way of doing slide during twitter season, snow tubing is the one for you. It is a step up from sledding because the snow tube is much more unpredictable. You go up to the top of a hill covered with snow, with a big rubber donut that can fit several people and slide your way down back to the ground.

Be careful though, if you hit an uneven surface it can send everyone on the tube flying in different directions but its something definitely funs to watch. Plus, snow tubing is less expensive, it only cost twenty dollars to thirty dollars for a two hour of fun-filled tubing day pass compared to how much you would spend for the entrance fee in a ski resort. 

There are many more activities you can enjoy during this cold season. But whichever winter outdoor activity you want to do, always prioritize safety and be sure to go as one family and experience this magnificent time of year together.