Blueface Asks For “George Floyd Discount” At The Furniture Store

Image source: Instagram

Blueface was in his clown mode when he uploaded a video of himself on his Instagram story, asking a sales associate if he could get “that George Floyd discount” while he was buying furniture. He shares some clips on his Instagram story of himself browsing the “LA Furniture” store, showing off the different pieces.

He later posted these videos onto his account directly, but it appears he may have deleted one of the clips, in which he makes reference to the recently deceased George Floyd. “Ay, could y’all tell ’em to give me that George Floyd discount?”, Blueface asks the salespeople in the deleted clip. “I need that Black Lives Matter discount”.

These jokes definitely didn’t sit well with some people, especially since Blueface appears not to have used his platform to bring attention to the issue at hand.