Casino Cruise: Countries Every Gambler Must Visit in 2024

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United states have over 600 casinos in different states, and the United Kingdom currently has at least 147 land-based casinos. The gambling industry is growing quickly around the world. Have you ever thought about taking your passion for poker tables overseas? Now casinos offer gamblers the luxury to enjoy casino games in remote places. The best part about such a cruise is that once they cross international waters, gambling does not come under the same regulations as to when it is on dry land.

Next time you are planning your vacation, you may consider joining one of the world-famous cruises. It is like a whole city moving into the sea. Quality trips with a fancy casino experience, away from crowded cities and noises. Many trips set sail from cities like Orlando in the States twice daily and many other trips set sail from countries in Europe also. You will always find a ship, if not the same day, then the next day.

Gambling Laws at the Sea

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Once a cruise ship is sailing away from the country where it was docked and enter international water, the ship does not follow the rules of that nation any more. According to maritime law, all laws on the ship while it is in international water are determined by the nation where the ship is registered.

Countries like the United States have their territorial waters 12 miles from the coasts of the states. The cruise ship usually shuts the casino while the ship is docked, as they must comply with local gambling rules.

When it comes to the United Kingdom, things are way easier. If the ship is on a journey from or into international waters, then no licenses are required at all, and you can continue gambling normally in UK waters.

Best Casino Cruises in the World

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Nothing is better than having the chance to enjoy the luxury casino experience like in the world’s biggest casinos of Las Vegas while you are sailing to exotic destinations for some vacation. Here is the countries where you can start your thrilling gambling adventure.

In Las Vegas you must be 21 to visit a casino, gamble or purchase or consume alcoholic beverages. If you look young carry a state-issued ID with photograph such as a driver’s license. Children are permitted in the casino public walkways but are not allowed to be near slot machines or gaming tables. You are allowed to carry open alcoholic beverage containers on the street, but not in a vehicle.

Las Vegas gambling was legalized in 1931. The Gaming Commission and Control Board develops and administers all gaming regulations. Casinos with more than 15 slot machines pay an annual tax of $250 on each one. There is also an additional monthly tax of up to 6.75% on gross gaming revenue a percentage that is the lowest in the U.S.

When your winnings exceed a specified threshold and/or tax is withheld, the casino will give you an IRS Form W-2G showing the amount you won and the amount of tax withheld. Report (and take credit for the tax you paid) on your IRS Form 1040 tax return at the end of the year.

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America, many Cruises set sail from the United States every day, one of the most famous cruises is “Allure of the Seas”. It is the second biggest cruiser in the world with 5400 passenger’s capacity. The ship has on-board one of the most magnificent casinos, the Casino Royale. As one of the world’s biggest casino cruises, you will definitely find some games for you. Different kinds of slot machines all over the place beside the luxury table games like blackjack and roulette. Its route is from Miami, Florida, to the Bahamas.

Europe, Cruises sail from different countries around Europe also with exciting routes for more than 7 days trip. Celebrity Cruises with their 11 cruises fleet. Their on-board casino is filled with a chic atmosphere, poker tables, and 100s if slot machines. They head to the Caribbean, Alaska, Asia, and many other fabulous places. Beside Cruises, places like monte Carlo in Monaco is one of the most popular places for casino. A real luxury casino experience that no gambler would miss.

If gambling is banned in your country, it is not a problem anymore. Book a ticket that fits your budget and enjoy your gambling trip.

Taxes on Cruise Ship

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Like any land-based or online casino, cruise ships also have taxes. Paying winning taxes depends on the amount you have earned. If the amount is big and worthy reporting to the state by the operators on the ship, then taxes are paid on the winner’s haul. The United Kingdom does not apply any taxes on the players if they are in its waters. So better check where you are before going all-in with your gambling skills.

Now you know more about cruises ships, you can choose your destination and get on board. Until the moment you decide to go on such a trip, you may enjoy online gambling. With too many bonus deals available online, it is really hard to find the best online casino. Fortunately, not anymore. Reviews at the LeafletCasino makes it way easier to find the welcome bonus you are looking for. The welcome bonus usually comes in a 100% match of the deposited sum. Sometimes they come with free spins on some specific games, but not always. What is really important to mind is how many times you need to wager your bonus winnings before you can withdraw the earnings.

The Bottom Line

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Traveling and visiting new places is exciting, so why not double the fun with a thrilling gambling adventure on the way to your destination? Cruise ships sail around the world, from the United Kingdom to the United States and from Europe to the Caribbean and Alaska. In all these beautiful countries, you can also find magnificent land-based casinos in cities like Las Vegas in the states and Monte Carlo in Macau. Do not limit yourself with the options available around you. Travel, explore, enjoy your gambling.