Check out the 5 Best Soundbars Under $200

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Since modern TVs are thinner and thinner, the need for good speaker systems is becoming higher. One of the top trends currently are soundbars, which tend to tie the room together along with a matching TV. These long and thin speaker systems look good in any living room, and here we will go over the best choices for $200 or less.

  1. VIZIO SB2821-D6 – Best Overall

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This soundbar is 28 inches long and provides you with a rich, spacious, and clear sound. It is perfect for everyday TV watching, as well as movie nights and listening to music. It is easy to set up and connects through cables to the soundbar and the subwoofer. Many different sounds presets and settings are available, and TruSurround HD is among the best. Dolby Digital is another great sound effect, perfect for DVD and Blu-Ray movies. Bluetooth connection is available within 20 feet. You also get a remote, a wireless subwoofer, and mounting accessories in the box.

  1. Samsung HW-J355 – A Close Runner-Up

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Samsung is one of the best manufacturers of all technology, and soundbars are no exception. This one is a bestseller and for a good reason. The sound is amazing, and you also get a wired subwoofer in the pack. The connection is through Bluetooth, so you can use it for movies, TVs, music, and games alike. Basically, you also get a Bluetooth speaker. Samsung has equipped this soundbar with their 3D Sound Plus feature, which will give you a surround sound effect in your living room. Also, clear technology largely increases the quality of human voices. Although a bit basic overall, this is one of the best options you have for this price range.

  1. Yamaha YAS-108 – Best Entry-Level Soundbar

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Yamaha is another great name in the sound industry. Their latest soundbar is a low-price model, great for first-time users. It includes HDMI ports, different sound modes, Bluetooth connection, and 4k support. It is somewhat smaller than the rest but still powerful. Therefore, medium size living rooms will benefit the most from it. A wired connection to another subwoofer is also possible. You also get a remote control. The aforementioned sound modes include 3D Surround, Clear Voice, and several more. A potential deal-breaker is that it does not come with its own subwoofer and that the indicator lights are on top, making them hard to see while sitting in front of it.

  1. Wohome S9920

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This is a very affordable soundbar, perfect for small and medium-size living rooms. This soundbar has six different speaker drivers that give out 80W and a maximum of 105 dBs. Such power is more than enough for this price range, and most others only offer 60W. The biggest downside is no HDMI cables, so if a wired connection is important to you, you might want to look elsewhere. Also, it does not have the often desired surround sound option. The sound, bass, and character of this speaker are great though, and it will enhance your experience with sports, movies, games, music, and TV.

  1. VIZIO SB2920-C6 – Best Budget Pick

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The last entry on this soundbar list is another VIZIO model. It is a small and light speaker, but it is quite powerful nonetheless. It is perfect for living rooms that utilize a minimalistic design, where it can be the centerpiece alongside the TV. It is not too flashy and will look at home anywhere. The value for the money is good, but you will not find anything out of the ordinary. The audio quality is decent, you get a remote control, and it is connectable through Bluetooth. It has multiple sound options, but again, nothing out of the basics. You also get several mounting options. The warranty is only 1 year, and it does not have its own subwoofer.

For more in-depth information about the best soundbars, we recommend checking out this website. You’ll find the soundbars within all budget ranges including how you can set them up and running.