The Most Important Things to Look for When Choosing an Online Casino


Online casinos are in abundance, but that doesn’t mean that they are all equally good. However, there are some definite similarities between the great and not-so-great ones that are sure giveaways about what kind of time you’re about to have.

The popular review site has revealed exactly what New Zealand players need to check for before clicking that signup button.

Whether the Casino is Licensed and Regulated

First and foremost is the licensing and regulation of an online casino. You should never be playing anywhere that does not have a license to provide the services they offer. If you’re unsure where to look, you can check the about us section of the site. Better yet, you can find this information on outside sources, such as forums and review sites such as the one mentioned above.

Make Sure the Welcome Offer Suits You

Online casinos created welcome bonuses to steer you away from competitors. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t some clear advantages for you as well. After all, what good would it do to attract you if the bonus isn’t actually appealing. That being said, not every welcome bonus caters to every type of player. Most do, but some might be better for the slot players among us, while others are better for table games. The only way to know is by checking out what the bonus is and read the fine print. If it’s a “free spin” on a slot game type of bonus and you’re only interested playing blackjack. Then it might be best to move on to a website with a no-deposit cash bonus or one that matches your first deposit.

The Selection of Games You’re Looking For


There are so many amazing, high quality games at your fingertips that you don’t need to settle for mediocre. Some online casinos really excel when it comes to their selection of slots, while others are known for their live dealer offerings. Depending on what you’re looking to play, you may want to consider the different subcategories of games a particular site has. Then make your decision to join on whether it meets your needs or not.

Loyalty Program

It wouldn’t be fair to introduce you to the site in an awesome way, such as by giving you a hefty bonus then leave you hanging. Therefore, most casinos try to make sure they are your most attractive option even when you’ve already signed up. This way they don’t lose you to the next casino that has a great welcome reward.

So, your job is to ensure you’re choosing a casino that it’s going to be in your best interest to be a part of. If they have amazing offers that give you something for returning or reward you every time you make a bet. Best of all, is certain casinos tend to have a tiered system that allows you to become a VIP member. That way if you play a lot, you get special treatment, just like large traditional casinos.

User Friendliness


An online casino can have all of the games on the planet, an incredible welcome bonus and so much more. But if you don’t actually enjoy using the website it won’t make a difference. This is why some casinos are so dedicated to ensuring that people actually have a good and easy time using the site. Especially when it comes to the inherent nature of most online casinos to be so packed with attractions that it becomes overkill. For instance, a casino should be so organized that you can find anything you need within seconds. Whether it’s a specific game or type of game that you have in mind.

The language used on the site should also be concise and understandable. So that you have no problem understanding the rules of the game or what’s expected of you in the bonus terms and conditions.

Mobile Optimization

This one is a given these days as people are glued to their devices. Most of us want to play on the go, so casinos had no choice but to adapt their sites to work on iOS or Android devices. Only some low-quality online casinos aren’t up to speed yet on mobile optimization. You may even come across an app that gives you access to your favorite casino.

A Variety of Ways to Play

As mentioned, a good selection of every type of game is an absolute must. Additionally, great casinos also have a variety of different ways you can play the games they offer. For instance, live dealer, as well as several variations of the most popular games. Live dealer is a good example, because it’s the perfect bridge between online and what you find in land-based casinos. For some people this is about as much fun as you can have without leaving home. It’s the best of both worlds and if a casino offers many options for this, it’s a win for you. It shows that win or lose, you’re about to have a really good time playing with an actual human dealer instead of a computer.

Great Customer Support


Customer service should be a top priority for every online casino. But only the best ones deliver on their promise to be at your beck and call. For instance, you should be able to contact the site in numerous different ways. The most popular one these days, is via live chat, so you can check out the site while also communicating your issue with the team member.

Moreover, support is available 24/7 on all of the good online casinos. As they are open all the time, you shouldn’t need to wait very long for a response to your query.

Fair Terms and Conditions

If a casino meets all of the above criteria, then chances are the terms and conditions of claiming bonuses should be according to the standards. But it’s worth mentioning that you read up on what exactly the wagering requirements and other terms of the bonus are. To make sure that it’s reasonable, not just in general but for you and your playing habits. For instance, how much time do you have to meet the requirements, what the turnover is and which games contribute the most to it.