Crazy Gambling Live Twitch Streamers

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Back in the day, you would need to go to a physical location to watch others play slots, but these days, thanks to the Internet, you can simply visit the giant of live streaming games, Twitch! And there are some crazy gamblers which are fun to watch.

What’s the Fun of Watching Others Play Online Slots?

Our experts explained why some people enjoy this. For one thing, not everyone is lucky enough to commit a budget to online slots, but the good news is for many – watching others go from rags to riches (or the other way around) is just as fun.

Watching someone’s emotional roller-coaster journey across many wins and losses at the slots is very exciting. Many slot enthusiasts tune in to see what a quick session of gaming would bring someone who probably live hundreds or even thousands of miles away from them.

Now, you are probably wondering – are there seriously people who stream themselves as they play slots? Indeed, these streamers have turned their gambling hobby into a full-time job! There are over 15,000 online slots out there, so the options are far from limited. If you are good at entertaining others, you can be successful as a gaming streamer.

Are you a Watcher or a Player?

There are dozens of channels and hundreds of thousands of dedicated followers who don’t mind watching others turn pennies into jackpots.

But for some people, this is not enough. The real thrill comes from finding excitement by playing for themselves. If you’ve never gambled before you might want to read up on the subject first, there are many guides out there for newbies looking to get started at a new casino. For more information please visit 5BestCasinos.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at these crazy entertaining slot streamers according to our gambling experts, and find out if you’re a watcher or a player!


ROSHTEIN is a loquacious streamer with a quick wit, good mood and definitely a big fan of the slots. ROSHTEIN definitely rocks the slot world with some 204,443 slot worshippers on his channel.

The chap definitely doesn’t mind losing much as his impressive bankroll of EUR 107,000 fluctuates between diminishing returns and big wins. To make the experience more entertaining, ROSHTEIN likes to play several slots at the same time, plonking down bets ranging from EUR 0.10 to EUR 20 at a time.

ROSHTEIN is also an opportunity for many players to have the gaming bug out of their system. Some people are just too addictive and ROSHTEIN helps them relive the joy. He takes advice from viewers and plays the games they want to see, which surprisingly is often a matter of consensus.


Yes, the phrase ‘who’s your daddy’ is cheesy but CasinoDaddy is no schmuck. He does have a cowboy hat, however. Meanwhile, CasinoDaddy is more focused on the streamer. His bankroll doesn’t quite reach the same bankroll as ROSHTEIN, but he doesn’t need to. With 124,965 followers to his name as of December 2019, he is obviously doing something right.

Plus, split-screen adventures are a thing with CasinoDaddy, and you will see him tinkering around with multiple titles, all for your ultimate viewing pleasure.


Sniikzy is a committed streamer who really doesn’t mind showing you a few neat tricks. He presently has 32,617 followers, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t subscribe right now.

During his stream, you can see Sniikzy going not only slots but also various casinos and why he likes them. His bankroll is slightly more modest, but he definitely doesn’t mind topping it off when the need is.

We love Sniikzy because he has a more down-to-earth look. He’s not showmanship for sure, but he strikes up a friendly conversation no less. Oh, and he is French, but don’t hold it against him now!

Let’s Give It a Spin

Here’s a good man who has a casual and yet entertaining set-up LetsGiveItASpin is a great channel to kick back and watch some intense slot play. Just like CasinoDaddy, LetsGiveItASpin is a very down-to-earth chap.

There is no showmanship here, but he is definitely quite entertaining to watch. There are some 31,579 who think he’s worth your time, and you might want to visit his channel and see what the old’ rascal is up to.

Having a blast on his channel isn’t at all difficult, as you will see him rejoice at every victory and mouth of the bad beats. Definitely a chap we recommend tuning in to watch yourself!


DavidLabowsky started his channel modestly with some 6,000 followers give or take. He’s grown his channel to 20,281 followers today and that’s definitely a decent progression.

We definitely love DavidLabowsky, because he has been so kind as to make us privy to his gaming sessions. He has a soft voice, an encouraging attitude and a smile for everyone. Want to feel good while watching someone play slots? David is your guy!


If you want to see how the ladies do it, then ReelRaiders is the right channel for you. With 10 355 followers and counting, this channel is a small feast for the eyes. ReelRaiders are a pair of girls who take turns to pop on for a quick session.

They aren’t around as much, but they definitely know how to keep viewers entertained. Watching them play is entertaining, although they do have a bit of an attitude – especially if you allow yourself to be disrespectful.

Still, the channel is one of the most popular slot heavens on Twitch and you might want to swing by and see what the ladies are up to at any time they are online.