Cricket Facts Every Diehard Fan Must Know in 2024

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Cricket, altogether, holds a strong fanbase, especially in a country like India — where love and craze for cricket know no boundaries. This land of diversities with millions of crazy fans of all age groups binds and unites over cricket.

When it comes to our favorite game, we all thrive on knowing all the facts and so that you can check out But one might often miss out on the information or incidents that took place long back in the history of cricket. So, here are some of the most exciting yet lesser-known facts about cricket.

The Maximum Runs Scored in an Over is not 36, it’s 77!

77 is the highest number of runs scored in an over till this date. It happened during a match between Canterbury and Wellington where RH Vance bowled an over which went like – 0 4 4 4 6 6 4 6 1 4 1 0 6 6 6 6 6 0 0 4 0 1.

India’s First Century in the ODI

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Indians waited quite a long for the early century of India. But the wait was finally over in 1983’s world cup when Kapil Dev scored a century for India. It was during a match against Zimbabwe — where India was down to 17-5 when Dev played his captain stroke of 175 runs in 138 balls and took his team to a target of 266. Team India eventually won the match by 31 runs.

Shahid Afridi Scored the Fastest Century in an ODI Tournament Using a Borrowed Bat

In 1996, Shahid Afridi was sent from West Indies to Nairobi to play for Pakistan, but he didn’t have a proper bat. That’s when Waqar Younis lent him, Sachin Tendulkar,’s bat— using which young Afridi hit the fastest ODI century with 11 sixes and six boundaries in 37-balls.

India is the Only Country who won the 60, 50 and 20-Over World Cup

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India won the 60-over World Cup against West Indies in 1983, 50-over World Cup beating Sri Lanka in 2011, and the 20-over World Cup defeating Pakistan in 2007.

Before making a debut for team India, Sachin Tendulkar played for Pakistan

The master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar, first performed as a substitute fielder for Pakistan in 1987. That was during a practice match between the arch-rivals at Brabourne Stadium.

The Player with the Longest Surname

Heading to a fun fact. IL Bula, a Fijian cricketer, has the longest surname among all the players till now. His full name is — Ilikena Lasarusa Talebulamaineiilikenamainavaleniveivakabulaimain-akulalakebalau! This rare surname yet holds a different translation, i.e., returned alive from Nankula hospital at Lakeba Island in the Lau group.

Chris Gayle – The Only Batsman to Hit a Six on the First Ball in a Test Match

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In the history of cricket, no player has ever hit a six off the very first ball of a test match. But the brilliant player – Chris Gayle, achieved this feat off debutant Sohag Gazi in 2012. It was during a game between West Indies and Bangladesh at Mirpur.

In the Don of Double Centuries

Don Bradman, a famous Australian player, tops the list of double centuries in test cricket— leading with 12 double centuries. While Kumar Sangakkara, being the second one to add on to the list with 11 double centuries. However, holding almost all the records in batting, master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar is nowhere near to the top and remains way down the pack with six double centuries.

South Africa Needed 111 Runs to Win on 11/11/11 at 11:11

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This mere coincidence took place at Cape Town during a test match between South Africa and Australia. At 11:11 am on 11 November 2011, South Africa required 111 runs to win the game.

The Never-Changing Rule

In the history of cricket, we have seen many laws changing over time. The length of the pitch is the only standard that has not been amended ever since the inception of cricket. It is confined to 22 yards and has not been changed since one can remember.

The Wall of India

Rahul Dravid is widely known as ‘The Wall’ in appreciation of his excellent batting technique and skills. However, to make sure everyone is aware of the nickname — the Karnataka State Cricket Association decided to build an actual wall in the M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru. The wall was constructed with 10,000 bricks just after Rahul Dravid crossed the mark of 10000 runs in tests. It is built with a metal statue of Dravid playing the excellent cover drive shot with words — Commitment, Consistency, and Class.

The Shortest Test Match Series

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England played the shortest test matches against West Indies, winning by an inning and 39 runs. West Indies was bowled out for 172 runs in the first half and was wholly shunned by Andy Caddick and Darren Gough in the second innings. The game lasted for only 150 overs, wrapping it off in just two days.

Gilchrist- the Bowler

The former Australian wicket-keeper, batsman— Adam Gilchrist, never bowled a single ball in his entire career. But he broke this streak in his last professional match. It was during the IPL when Gilly decided to give it a shot and bowl in a game against Mumbai Indians. It happened to be his first and last delivery where Gilchrist took the wicket of Harbhajan Singh.

Ishant Took the Three Top Scorers Off-Crease

Alistair Cook at 294 runs in 2011, Michael Clarke at 329 runs in 2012, and Brendon McCullum at 302 runs in 2014 — scored the highest number of races, playing against India. However, all three top-scoring batsmen of the 21st century were dropped by the fast right-arm bowler—Ishant Sharma.

Who’s the Real Boss?

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We all know that there’s always a cold war between the two rivalries—India and Pakistan. By far, India holds the record of 100% win in both World Cups by 5-0 in T20 and 6-0 in ODIs. Nevertheless, Pakistan is way ahead in other face-offs. In the 131 ODIs played between the two teams, Pakistan leads with 74-56 while being 11-9 ahead in 59 test matches.