How Much Cryptocurrency is Mined Through Crypto-Jacking?

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Due to the exponential rise in the demand for cryptocurrencies, criminal activities have also taken a rise. So who doesn’t want to earn good profits by investing in these digital currencies? There is no doubt that crypto coins offer several advantages over traditional financial services, but there are some drawbacks.

Nowadays, scamsters are looking for different ways to make easy money by stealing it from others. Therefore, they are developing new technologies with the help of which they can make money from even cryptocurrencies. And one such innovation or development is cryptojacking. This article will share a lot of information regarding cryptojacking and how you can save yourself from it.

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A kind of cybercrime in which criminals use unauthorized ways to mine the crypto coins by illegally using some other person’s or organization’s computers, smartphones, or even their servers is known as cryptojacking. Like various other cybercrimes, it is also an easy way for criminals to make a profit. However, victims don’t get any idea about this because it remains completely hidden from them.

How can someone become a victim of cryptojacking? First, hackers send some malicious link to the person’s email account, and whenever the person clicks on that link, it generates crypto mining code on his computer. Thus, the crypto mining process gets started in the background, and the victim cannot even suspect it.


There are two common ways by which hackers trap innocent people. In the first method, they make use of some malicious links that are emailed to the person. However, the link seems to be legitimate, which attracts people to click on them. So, whenever they click on the link, a crypto mining code automatically starts running in the background of the person’s PC.

Another popular method used by hackers is to infect the websites or the ads that run on the browser of the victim’s computer. Then, whenever the person visits that particular website, it automatically initiates the execution of the script made by the hacker. When both methods are used, a code containing complicated mathematical problems starts running on their computer, and the hacker receives the results on its server.

Hackers use both of these popular methods to attack the victim’s devices. Unfortunately, by using these two techniques, the returns are usually maximized. As a result, it becomes tough for a person to detect if there is anything wrong going on with its devices. However, there are some ways in which a person can prevent it, which are given below in this article.


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It is very challenging to calculate any precise amount that hackers can mine using these cybercriminal methods. It is because these are secretly mined coins, and nobody gets to know about them. On the contrary, a large-scale campaign was conducted to estimate the money generated by cryptojacking. When installed in approximately 10 thousand servers, it generated an amount of 10,000 dollars in one day.


Whenever a person’s computer gets hacked by scammers, it becomes very tough for them to detect it. It is because the process is not visible and hidden from the victim. But there are some ways in which you can detect if you are under the trap of a scammer or not.

  • Decrease in performance of your computer: The significant sign from which you can find if some hacker has controlled your PC is by checking its performance. If your device is running slow, getting crashed in between, and providing poor performance, then it is an alert for you.
  • Overheating: Another critical symptom that a victim can experience is the excessive heating of his computer, damaging the device. So, whenever you see that the fan in your PC is running faster than usual, it can indicate that some illegal website to mine the crypto is running in its background.


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  • Using a program that provides excellent cybersecurity:

A good cybersecurity program can help you detect threats that can harm your computer. Therefore, it is better to get some fantastic programs installed on your PC before you get into any trap of scammers.

  • Keep yourself updated with the latest trends in cryptojacking:

Hackers keep on updating their technology or methods to hack electronic devices. Therefore, to protect yourself from this scam, make sure that you are informed about the current and the upcoming cybersecurity threats. People who keep themselves updated will detect any defects occurring on the devices due to hacking.

  • Make the use of ad blockers:

As already mentioned above, one of the popular ways used by the hacker to reach the victim is through online ads, which means that installing an ad blocker can be very effective for you.

  • Disable javascript which surfing online:

To prevent the hackers from generating codes on the websites you are surfing, disable the Javascript option. However, keep in mind that you also won’t be able to use javascript by doing this. But when you have nothing to do with javascript, then disabling it will serve its purpose of preventing the hackers from reaching your computer.


We all want to make profits by using cryptocurrencies, including cybercriminals. Unfortunately, scammers use illegal methods to get into the computer of some other person and mine crypto coins by using it. However, there are various methods by which you can protect your devices from these hackers. Learn about these methods above and save yourself from cryptojacking.