DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer – 2024 Review

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Although several studies have been published in recent years that have shown that smoking marijuana is not harmful to the lungs – most consumers continue to smoke a mixture of chopped herbs with tobacco. This can cause trouble and some serious lung damage. At the same time, medical cannabis democratizes a new way of consuming – the method of evaporation.

What does that mean? The flower is heated to 185  C to extract THC and other active cannabinoids. This simple method has become a global trend in recent years. Today’s vaporizers are especially sophisticated – so you can practice vaping with or without THC. In this text, we will present to you some facts about vaping, but also one of the smart vaporizers of today – Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer.

Advantages Of Using A Vaporizer

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Vaporization is a strategy for avoiding aggravating respiratory poisons in weed smoke – by warming cannabis to a temperature at which psychoactive ingredients dissipate without burning and making any harm. Various research affirms that vaporizers can be proficiently provided with cannabinoids – while simultaneously wiping out or radically decreasing different poisons from the smoke. Like tobacco, weed smoke contains poisons that are known to be unsafe for the human respiratory system.

Among them are some cancer-causing components. These poisons are a side-effect of burning. They are isolated from the pharmaceutically dynamic elements of weed – known as cannabinoids, which incorporate THC. Even though there is no proof that smoking weed causes malignant growth – constant cannabis smokers have an expanded danger of bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. That’s why having a good vaporizer can be crucial for both – your enjoyment and your health. Here are some of the health benefits.

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●    Less Lung Damage

The combustion process, even if used on the plant alone (without tobacco) – creates a series of chemical deposits such as carbon monoxide or tar and is not healthy for the respiratory system. The effect of evaporation brings the active ingredients of the plant to a temperature lower than that required to start the combustion process – thus protecting the user from these sediments but also from the tobacco itself, or substances that are not needed in the evaporation process.

●    Immediate Effect

It is possible to consume the plant in other forms, such as food – but the effects will be present just several hours after use. By evaporation, vapors enter the body through the lungs – and therefore the effect is immediate.

●    Discretion

The pocket evaporator is a fast, discreet, and practical solution for different situations and without preliminary settings such as rolling, burning, smoking, etc.

Have You Tried A Smart DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer?

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When we talk about smart vaporizers we can’t skip DaVinci IQ2. So many consumers claim that it is one of the best vaporizers on the market – because it combines efficiency, portability, and good design. We have to admit, it looks very attractive, and you can check this and have your own impression of its look. It has a 51-LED display case and is made of high-quality aluminum. The ergonomic design makes the DaVinci IQ look very elegant. Among the features, we should also mention Bluetooth – which allows you to easily connect the device to your smartphone.

What Does A Smartphone Connection Allow?

In addition to using the buttons for physical control of the device – you also get the opportunity to use a free application that provides you with “smart guidelines”. These guidelines will allow you to have different experiences when using this smart vaporizer. What is best is that the user can adjust the device and heat according to their wishes. DaVinci IQ2 also has a special coil made of ceramic zirconium. It is this material that provides the maximum possible heat insulation, so you do not have to worry about burning your lips while consuming the vape.

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We must admit that the manufacturers have paid a lot of attention to the design of this product. Namely, it can be noticed that during the design – a lot of attention was paid to details. However, that is not all – our attention was drawn to all the features that will give the consumer real pleasure. This device is ergonomically designed – so it is very convenient to carry but also it is very handy. When it comes to charging – things are maximally simplified, so even people who are beginners can charge it.

The coil is made of a special material called ceramic zirconium. That material is one of the key elements because it provides good insulation from heat – but also provides a purity of aroma. At the same time, it is a material that is very resistant to any cracks that could show due to heat.


Since this evaporator is designed to be portable and easy to carry – the question of battery life has been raised. However, DaVinci IQ2 proved to be a high-quality device here as well. Namely, it has a very powerful battery with a long lifespan that is replaceable and can be easily charged via a USB cable. There are also lights. Although DaVinci also has a vibration – 51 LED lights on the display will always signal you when the camera is on or off. Thus, the designers made an effort to provide users with complete clarity in the presentation of all information.


Certainly, when we take into account that the price of this evaporator is not small – we must ask the question of durability. It can be said with certainty that this virgin is very durable. The high-quality aluminum housing provides exceptional protection against damage, while also having a very attractive appearance. It is available in several colors like blue, black, gray, copper, etc.

Is A Weed Evaporator Better Alternative?

The subject of vapes and wellbeing are talked about. With the utilization of e-cigarettes by minors, force is expanding to constrain vaporizer selling. Besides, the distinction between tobacco and cannabis items or items containing CBD isn’t in every case legitimately distinct everywhere. When spoken about weed evaporators, it is additionally discussed whether fluid alternatives are more advantageous than smoking a dry plant. There is a suspicion that the dry plant produces tar and cancer-causing agents that can cause malignant growth.