Plant-Based Paradise ─ Discovering Vegan Options at Five Guys


We all have different tastes. Some people are carnivores, others are not. There are many options for non-meat eaters. Being vegetarian or vegan is easier today than ever before. Not being in the mood of taking care of your diet or meal preparation is not bad. You don’t have to go into despair. If you’re vegan for example, we have an ideal solution for your meal selection.

Do you have a favorite place where you eat vegan food? Even if you do, the climate is ideal for a change. What is needed of you is to see Five Guys vegan options, and you’ll have a new favorite place to eat out. Yes, it is a fast food place, but it can provide you with fine options in the vegan domain.

You don’t believe us?

Well, keep on reading, as we’re going to introduce you to their menu. Check it out, and tell us if we’re thinking the same. Even better, head straight there, eat out, and tell them we sent you. See what they have in their amazing offer below.

Is There Veganism at Five Guys?


Let’s start by being honest first. The answer is no. There is none. The vegan menu is non-existent at this franchise. Don’t feel misled. We’re still going to talk about vegan food, even if there is none to talk about on their menu.

In recent times we’ve seen drastic changes in the way major fast food franchises take vegan foods on. KFC, McDonald’s, and Burger King have done their work on putting vegan options on their menus.

Five Guys are not in that company yet, but it’s still possible to get vegan food at their locations. All that is needed is a little bit of creativity. Let’s see how to eat vegan at Five Guys. What is it that you can eat there and remain loyal to your dietary rules?

French Fries

That’s right! Tomatoes are vegan. We all know it. Five Guys take pride in their fries offering. We can’t argue. They taste amazing and are one of the finest on the market. What makes them vegan is that they’re prepared in peanut oil.

So, a combination of tomatoes and peanut oil makes them a perfect option for vegans and vegetarians alike. What’s good about this place is that it offers two kinds of fries. You’ll find the regular ones and a bit spicier Cajun Fries. Both are amazing! Many vegans that frequent this place decide not to risk their diet and eat only fries.

But, a meal consisting only of fries can’t be that idea, right? Well, it is not. So what else is there on their vegan menu? You’ll be glad to hear that there’s more. Just, don’t forget, creativity is a must when we talk about Five Guys and vegan dishes.


Toppings are what make every fast food joint a great place. This fast-food franchise offers some of the finest toppings in the industry. It all starts with green peppers and jalapeno peppers. Pure veggies. Beyond that, you have the industry standard in raw onions and lettuce. Pickles and tomatoes are also found on their menu, and all of this combined can serve as a great vegan meal when combined with fries.

The two things remaining are grilled onions and grilled mushrooms. But, this is where issues can arise. Both are made on identical grills as non-vegan dishes such as burgers and the rest of the Five Guys products. What this means is that grilled onions and grilled mushrooms can be cross-contaminated. For some people, this is a no issue, but some see it as a detour in their vegan ways. It’s up to the customers. Ours is to warn you. Fair play to us, right?

Veggie Sandwich


Yes, there exists an option of a veggie sandwich at Five Guys. All of its ingredients are vegetables. In most cases, you only need to look at the toppings we listed above and they are all ingredients of this sandwich.

So, if you’re not afraid of cross-contamination you can add grilled onions and mushrooms too. But, if that’s an issue you might want a less-filled sandwich. Another issue that vegans love to point out is this sandwich’s bun sandwich. It is made with both eggs and milk. For the majority of vegans, this is a massive issue.

But, of course, there is a solution. The majority of vegans that are frequent customers at Five Guys decide to replace the bun with lettuce. Yes, that’s what they do. You can wrap all of the ingredients in lettuce and get a kind of lettuce tortilla. Yes, it is not on the menu, but with a few tweaks, you can have an almost perfect vegan meal even at Five Guys.


We’re not kidding. Peanuts! They’re as vegan as they get. While not an ideal option for a single meal, when you’re desperate and you’re at the Five Guys tired of finding an ideal combination for a vegan meal, peanuts are your only option. When you think about it, they’re not as bad. Peanuts are healthy, have nutritional value, and can make you feel full.

A Vegan Burger?


That would be good right? It would. But, at the moment there is none on the menu. Will there be some in the future? That’s a fine question. The chances are, there will be.  A spokesperson for the company said that when they launch a vegan burger they want pure quality oozing out of it. At the moment they are not there, but the wheels are set in motion. So, we can expect changes in the foreseeable future. Nothing is written in stone but one can hope.

Vegan Drinks?

That’s a big no, no too, at least in terms of their dairy products.  So, if you’re in for a milkshake you should know there is no vegan option available. Luckily they excel in other options. So, at Five Guys you’ll find drinks such as Coca-Cola, diet Coke version, Coke with zero sugar, Corona Extra, and Dr Pepper among others.

Bottom Line

As you can see, the Five Guys franchise has no vegan menu. Maybe there will be one in the future, but there’s none at the moment. But, after reading this article, you know what to hope for when on the spot. Add some creativity to your choices and you’ll have a vegan meal without too much fuss.