Do Not Waste Your Money on These Fitness Gadgets

Fitness Gadgets

Ab toning belt – About $70

Ab toning belt
source: instagram

There is no miracle which gives you a flatter stomach without the actual use of your body. The idea of ripped abdominals by just sitting on the couch with a vibrating belt over your stomach is just ridiculous. Do not fall for this scam, because you must work out and eat healthy to get abs.

Vibrating platforms – $90 and up

Vibrating platforms

When these products claim “science” is behind them, do not fall for it. While these vibrating platforms may stimulate muscles to some small degree, there is no clear proof that they actually help with building muscles or losing weight. If standing with limited amounts of vibration helps you lose weight, everyone would actually be a workout by simply standing on train platforms.

Thigh Master – $9 and up

Thigh Master

Here is an important lesson, just because famous people appear in the flashy and appealing commercials and ads do not mean that you should get the product. Thigh Master became a sensation far and wide just because Suzanne Somers was the girl on the promotional posters. However, although adding resistance to the lower body workout is great, this funky gadget does not allow you to get enough movement in order to get necessary and proper thigh workout.

“Toning” shoes – Upwards of $300

“Toning” shoes
source: instagram

These shoes became a trend several years ago when people would walk around town in yoga pants and with these “toning” shoes on their feet, which allegedly shaped your legs as you walk. However, again, there is simply no proof these that these silly looking kicks improve the exercise. Furthermore, they could actually cause foot injuries and hip problems. Yikes!

Shake Weight – $19.99 to $29.99

Shake Weight
source: pinterest

This is arguably the most famous gadget on the list. Shake Weight is famous for looking more ridiculous than any other workout device. This is a real waste of money, as your arms have no chance of becoming toned without the proper moves that work the muscles. Only staying in one place with a Shake Weight in your hand is a waste of time and money, and let us not even talk how silly it looks.

Ab Rocket – About $120

Ab Rocket
source: instagram

The initial idea behind this device is really not that bad, as its movements do allow your body to do something that stimulates muscles in the midsection. However, it has no neck or back support, which makes users get injuries. That chiropractic bill will exceed the ridiculous cost of the gadget, too.

Free Flexor – $39.95

Free Flexor
source: youtube

The Free Flexor is basically a flexible dumbbell, and even more suggestive than the Shake Weight. To make everything worse, the gadget is advertised with boasting of “patent-pending Circular Strength Technology”. As nothing about is proven, the only technology it will give you is emptying your wallet.

Sauna suits – between $9 and $20

Sauna suits

What were they thinking? Except looking extremely retro, this set is quite dangerous for your body. Its ability to heat inside puts you in danger of fainting, and even of a heat stroke. In addition, it is only helping you sweat water quicker, which you will get back right after you drink and eat.

Chariot skates – over $4,000

Chariot skates
source: youtube

Except looking rather dorky, the mini chariots for the feet are a huge safety hazard. The people in the ads always wore a ridiculous number of safety pads everywhere, as this thing has no braking system. If you get it, plan to spend additional bucks on the bill for the doctor’s office.

Face Trainer – $199

Face Trainer

Creams and potions that help with wrinkles are one thing, and some of them do not work either. However, a contraption that gives a workout to your face is next-level ridiculous. Everything this gadget does is aching your facial muscles. It is a mystery how it got FDA clearance really.

“Exercise Pill” – over $600 annually

Exercise Pill

Not really a gadget, but one of the worst wastes of money on here. These products would advertise their effects like an “Exercise in a Bottle”, and claimed to do the exercising for you while you go on with your day. A pill that can exercise instead of you simply cannot work. These pills did not take long to get banned.

Ab rollers – around $20

Ab rollers
source: youtube

This contraption, unfortunately, found itself in thousands of homes, as many humans people wished to start their workout regimen with it. However, this is not nearly something beginners should or could use. Therefore, people would be left sore and dejected, thinking it either does not work or that they do not know how to use it. Moreover, improper usage leads to both chest and shoulder injuries. This is something people in shape used to be additionally fit.

Phiten necklaces and bracelets – between $30 and $50

Phiten necklaces and bracelets

Celebrities also backed these for years, and some famous athletes might even believe that the titanium neckwear improves their balance and helps with fatigue. These do not work, there is no proof that they help in any way, and many look silly or plain bad.

Workout apparel that “tones your body for you” – $100 at least

Workout apparel

Fitness apparel is already very expensive for no obvious reason, but they are necessary. Nevertheless, clothing that does the exercise for you does not exist. Like with the other things mentioned, no proof of their benefits exist.

Weighted utensils – $141

Weighted utensils

This does not need additional explanation. If you want it, you really wish to throw money away on purpose. Visit to choose proven gadgets for your life.