Do Smartphone Cases Really Protect Phone From Damage


The use of a smartphone – an electronic device with very wide communication possibilities – is no longer a luxury or a rarity all over the world. More than 70% of the total population owns a smartphone. Of all the types of information and communication devices, young people today use smartphones the most.

So, exchanging messages and calls, as well as using free applications to communicate, play games, social networks, pay bills, watch movies, listen to music, are just some of the things that this wonderful little computer allows you to do. Moreover, smartphones are being used so much that they have started to take computers out of use. When they help us so much every day, then it’s okay to protect our devices from accidental falls and damage, right?

With the advent of touchscreen phone technology, there is a growing need for a sleek design that follows the large glass surfaces of a mobile device. Today, almost all smartphones have at least 50% glass surface, which makes them very fragile and fragile. For that reason, a large number of phone accessories appear on the market, which should contribute to the prevention of physical damage to the device.

It has happened to each of us at least once that his phone fell out of his hand. In case of a fall, it is very useful to have a mask that prevents scratches. The mask also prevents possible screen breakage, which is one of the more serious failures. A scratched phone is very difficult to sell because the phone itself is unattractive, and today the look of the phone is highly valued. The price of the phone drops as soon as there is any physical damage.

The phone is the most beautiful without a case


But without a case, it is also very sensitive to shocks. Just put it in the same pocket with the keys and you will already notice the damaged screen. Fortunately, today there are various masks, even personalized, so we can say with certainty that everyone will find someone who will protect the phone at least a little. How useful are phone cases actually?

There are many different types of masks and cases


The decisive factor in deciding which mask is right for you can be exactly – the material from which it is made. Depending on the material, the mask can meet different aesthetic or protective requirements of the consumer. We won’t be much mistaken if we say that carrying a phone without a protective case or mask is like driving a car without a bumper – and no one wants to see a newer, or worse, thing on their new device.

However, many products that claim to store your phone are actually completely useless. It has not yet been 100 percent determined whether the screen protector – a thin layer of display glass – really prevents it from scattering in all directions when dropped. However, the fact is that it will at least mitigate the impact, and even if there is damage, it will be significantly less than it would be if there were no protective glass. The situation is similar to cases.

Although the basic function that phone covers have is greater protection of the device – it’s not all in it! Today, modern masks can have many other benefits, such as a holder that is attached to the back, or a speaker for music from the phone! Comfortable and useful, right?

Today, masks are made of various materials


Most often plastic and silicone. It is believed that silicone masks are of better quality and that their softness cushions the impact, while plastic ones can break themselves during a fall and even cause additional damage. Silicone masks are smooth, soft and thin, and the most important thing is that they do not slip in the hands and in the pockets, which is why they fall out of the hands less often and are very pleasant to handle.

There are also combined masks


Those that can serve as a wallet. They are usually foldable and have several compartments for money and bank cards. They are often made of leather while the inside is filled with a special gel that protects in the event of a fall. In any case, even if they fail to fully protect your phone every time, the phone covers will minimize damage. Today, there are thousands of different smartphone models, and for each of the models we can find on the market, there are also masks. You can visit this website to find out more.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a phone case. The main thing is that the cover grips your phone tightly, that is, that there is no free space that will allow it to move or fall. Please also note that the mask you have selected allows uninterrupted use of handset, speakers, microphone, charger, and all external buttons. We’re telling you this not because we think you don’t know which cover model is right for your phone, but because today there are different manufacturers of cases, quality, and those of lower quality.

To complete the protection of your valuable mobile phone


Always combine the covers with protective glass, protective foil, or other screen protection. In this way, your device is fully prepared for the daily challenges. There are also magnetic masks that consist of two parts, one part is placed on the screen, the other on the back of the phone, and when connected, they “click” and keep the phone safe. In this case, you will not need a screen protector.

We will not be mistaken if we say that phone covers are bought for two reasons – aesthetic and protective. You will make a perfect choice, just if you follow your user needs! If you do physical work, and you are at constant risk of physical damage, sacrifice the design and buy a strong protective mask made of polycarbonate or polyurethane. If, on the other hand, you want daily protection against falling out, without significantly losing the look of your phone, we recommend a silicone mask!