Does Home Owners Insurance Cover Tree Trimming?

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A home insurance policy offers protection for losses and damage to the policyholder’s house and the assets in their home. The policies also provide coverage for liabilities that may result from accidents in an insured home.

Every homeowner’s insurance policy has limits of benefits that an insured person can receive if the covered event occurs.

Generally, policyholders are not covered for any costs incurred when taking care of trees. However, some insurance providers offer compensation for repairing or replacing things such as trees, shrubs, and lawns if a policy covers the cause of the damage. Trees are valuable for every homeowner. However, most insurance carriers do not include trees in a homeowner’s insurance policy.

Some service providers charge high premiums to offer coverage for trees in a home. Homeowner’s insurance policies have exclusions. For example, if a policyholder is found to be negligent and losses occur due to their failure to trim and maintain trees in good condition, they are not compensated. Individuals are required to cut all overhanging branches from trees near a covered home.

How much does Tree trimming Cost?

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Many factors influence the cost of trimming trees. The cost of trimming a tree with a height of up to 25 feet ranges between $80 and $350. On the other hand, professional trimmers charge $800 or more for a tree with a maximum height of 50 feet. You may be required to pay $1,000 or more for trees whose height exceeds 50 feet.

You can take several measures to ensure that you cut down the cost of trimming your trees. For example, if the branches of your trees are hanging over power lines, a utility provider can trim them for free. Secondly, get an annual maintenance schedule for your trees to ensure that your trees are in good condition and avoid overgrowth.

There is some great free guide on the cost of tree trimming like here, or you can ring some local tree trimming services and get 2 or 3 quotes.

When leaves and other organic materials accumulate at the base of a tree, the soil becomes damp. Always ensure that you get rid of such materials. Other factors that are considered when quoting charges for tree trimming services are explained below:

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• The number of trees: Arborists charge high costs for trimming more trees. The higher the number of trees that need to be trimmed, the more the time needed to do the work. You should consider hiring a trimmer to trim all your trees at once, as you are likely to get a better deal.

• The health status: If a tree is considered unstable by a trimmer, you will pay more for the services as the risk of falling during the trimming exercise are high.

Additionally, such trees may require the use of cables to avoid causing damage to the property and safety for the trimmers. Some of the factors that can lead to an unhealthy tree include moisture, infections, and pests.

• Location: If your trees are hard to reach, you will pay more for trimming services. For example, trimmers may need more equipment to do their work if your trees are located near a building or power grids.

• Cleaning: If you would want the debris from trimming work to be turned into usable products such as firewood and mulch, arborists will charge more for the tasks.

• Urgency: In some cases, homeowners may need emergency services after situations, such as storms and hurricanes. Trimmers will charge extra fees for emergency services. The cost may be as high as $250 per hour.

• Additional services: The overall cost for extra services will depend on the cost of each extra service needed. For example, a homeowner may need services such as wood chipping and log spitting. Professional tree trimmers have equipment for such services. The cost of the additional services ranges between $50 and $100 for each tree.

When is the Best Time of Year to Trim a Tree?

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Trimming trees is necessary to ensure they are healthy at all times. However, timing is critical to ensure that the tree does not die or get infections after trimming. The right time for trimming depends on the type of tree. However, some tree varieties can be trimmed at any time of the year. Trees have a growth cycle and tend to be dormant at certain times of the year.

Trimming Trees during the Winter Season

It is the most popular time of the year to trim most species of trees. During the season, most trees lose their leaves, and this exposes issues such as crossing branches and growth problems.

Trimming Trees during the Summer and Spring

Spring is also a perfect time for trimming most types of trees. In early spring, you can see growth problems, such as dead branches. If a tree starts flowering during the summer, spring trimming is ideal, as this will facilitate the growth of buds in the existing branches. Trimming can also be done during the summer.

Weak branches can be spotted during the season as they tend to sag due to the weight of the leaves. However, trimmers will have a hard time trying to identify dead branches. It is advisable to trim spring-flowering trees during the hot season. Trees such as dogwoods and maples should be trimmed during the summer as they produce a lot of sap, which makes the work difficult in winter and spring. If you are not sure how to do it, you can always turn out to the professionals such as those from

Fall Tree Trimming

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When trees are trimmed during fall, the wounds take long to heal as trees go into dormancy during the period. Therefore, you should avoid doing the work at this time. However, it is advisable to take down any branches that may cause damage to your property.

How often should trees be trimmed?

Timing is a critical factor when it comes to trimming trees. The growth rate of different species of trees varies. Therefore, the interval of the trimming exercise also varies from one species to another. Generally, arborists recommend trimming intervals of 3 to 5 years. Young trees should be trimmed every 2 to 3 years. If you are uncertain about the timeline required for your trees, you should consider contacting GoTreeQuotes and book a trimming expert near you.