– Dating Website Review 2024

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Online dating platforms are very popular these days, and represents an alternative to most popular ones like Craigslist and Tinder, and here you can add some more personal and specific descriptions, and it is more personalized than common dating sites.

The philosophy of this site is the same as any other, and here you are posting some personal info in the form of a tag, where you could place various tags to connect with people who are interested in the same things as you. Some of the basic ads are the city where you live, or some personalized ads, where you can show your engagements, and what you are interested in, which can be a one-night stand, distant relationship, sex, or just chatting.

Main Features

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It is easy to start communicating when you get attracted to another person, where you can reach the person within the website. The main filter that you can use in the add section is the location. The easiest way to meet someone new is to search for people in your area. On the other side, you can place some ads about you, and wait for someone to respond and contact you.

DoubleList is user friendly, and you can easily catch how it is working from the mere moment when you register. This site is connecting people by their similar interests and personal desires, in a simple way. Also, this dating platform is made for different sexual preferences, where you can choose from categories like a man looking for a woman, a woman is looking for a woman, but it is also suitable for couples who are seeking a third person or another couple to meet up.

You are required to leave your phone number when you register to reduce the number of fake profiles and spam. The creators of DoubleList wanted to create an environment where it is safe to express your sexuality and find people with similar or same passions.

When it comes to security policies and law, you have to be at least 18 years old, or 21 in some countries. Also, there is a strict policy where you can`t post anything that would do harm to another person or minority, and the advice is to always report if there are similar profiles and posts on this site. Any profile with scam and spam content will be deleted.

Pros and Cons

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The main benefits are simple interface which allows users to register within a few clicks, and by providing a few basic info, and you can choose to stay anonymous, and select any nickname that you prefer. Another important advantage is improved security, where you can always block and report another account if you feel endangered or offended on a racial, sexual, or any other basis.

The only disadvantage on DoubleList is that there are ways to bypass some of their security policies, lie about your age, or post profile picture from another person since there is a lack of account verification methods. Also, some people don`t feel so secure with a mandatory option to leave a phone number. If you are interested in other dating apps read more here about Eharmony and Match