Is it Cheaper to Drive or Ship Car Across Country?

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Buying a home in another part of the country is something that requires you to invest your best efforts into this process. Without any doubt, you are about to face some memories you will remember forever, it doesn’t matter if they are good or bad. These will inflict you with a lot of headaches, but you will have a significant life lesson after the whole process is complete.

Plus, you are moving to a whole new city, to meet new people, and to embrace the city’s vibe, which is likely widely different from your current one. Moving all your items and furniture across the country is something that will require a lot of money and effort on your behalf. Sure, there are of those to be transferred. At the same time, you will need to think about what you should do with your car.

There are two ways you can come from this point. You can either drive across the country, or you can ship it across the country. If you want to take a look at a company that can provide you with this kind of service, take a look at As you can see that these two ways are widely different. Therefore, we would like about both of these. That way, we will provide you with enough information to base your decision upon.

Benefits of Shipping

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First, let’s take a look at the benefits of shipping your car across the country.

1. Lower Costs

The first benefit we would like to talk about is lower costs. Surely, you will not be required to spend money on gas. Depending on the length of your trip, these costs can be quite high. Instead, by opting for a shipping company, you will have a chance to cut the costs you would spend on gas. At the same time, you will need to consider the type of your vehicle. Plus, you will not need to make a stop every couple of hours for food and a good night’s sleep.

2. Convenience

We’ve not discussed the possibility of you having more than one car so far. We can see that this is a pretty tricky situation, especially if you are the only driver. Therefore, it will be much easier for you to hire a company who can transport them instead of you. Naturally, you would need to contact one of the companies and ask for the price of transporting more than one vehicle. Without any doubt, you can see that this is a pretty convenient method, that will not cause you a lot of headaches.


3. Time-Saving

It doesn’t matter how long your trip can be, it needs to be said that it will surely be exhausting. At the same time, it will require a lot of time on your behalf. The question is, do you have so much free time to commit to this activity. By opting for one of these firms, you will have a start date and the date when the vehicle will arrive at the new address. That way, you will have the estimation and you will know how you should act when you don’t have it.

4. Safety

Sure, you know that there are many risks you can stumble across when driving across the country. There is a possibility of road accidents. Especially if you are driving when you are not properly rested and prepared for the trip. Therefore, opting for hiring one of the companies will make the whole trip much safer, and you will nothing to worry about.

Benefits of Driving

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Now, let’s take a look at the advantages of driving your car to your new home.

1. Money-Saving

While choosing a shipping company can be cheaper than driving, there are a couple of factors you need to take into consideration. For instance, some companies tend to be heftier than others. If you choose to drive yourself, you will need to pay only for gas, hotel rooms, and dishes. If we compare this concept to hiring some of these companies, you will see that the costs can be lowered by 50%. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing these.

2. Avoid Frauds

When you decide to take a look at some offers provided by some shipping companies, you will see that they are too good to be true. Therefore, you will need to be careful since a lot of them are exactly that, too good to be true. By opting to drive the whole trip yourself, you will avoid all the potential scams, which means that you will preserve as much money you can. At the same time, you can protect your vehicle.

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3. Free Time

The time you commit to driving all over the country can be quite beneficial for you. The reason is that you will visit some cities you didn’t have the chance to visit before. At the same time, you will experience many things that you will remember forever. We are talking about a school of hard knocks since this process is not something we would describe as easy and smooth. You will be in complete control of your free time, which is so rare in this day and age.

4. Enjoying the Scenery

Driving to your new home should be perceived as some kind of road trip. There are a lot of things you can see and a lot of experience. The United States is famous for its endless beautiful landscapes that are still undiscovered by many people. Therefore, you should take the chance to see all of these and understand your country in a different light. If you have your family with you, the experience will be even more pleasant.

The Verdict

Since we are talking about two widely different concepts, establishing the costs can be quite difficult. We would like to say that choosing a shipping company is a better choice, only if you have found a reputable firm that will provide you with high-quality service, for a reasonable price.