Exceptional Engagement Rings With Color Gemstones


Today we think of an engagement ring with a gemstone as a timeless classic. But have you ever considered that this stone doesn’t have to be a colorless diamond at all, as is usually the case? The use of color gemstones in engagement rings can be viewed as a growing trend.

Its most notable trailblazer was undoubtedly the stunning halo ring with a deep blue sapphire that Lady Diana received from Prince Charles and which is now worn by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. And even if we dig deeper into history, color stones were certainly not uncommon.

Can a color gemstone shine on an engagement ring?

As a symbol of love and the confirmation of a relationship, the ring is as old as humanity itself. And over the centuries, both it’s meaning as well as its design have evolved. While in ancient Rome an engagement ring took the form of a simple ring made of various materials such as iron, copper, or ivory, engagement rings in Victorian times were very ornate. A variety of color gemstones with colorless diamonds and enamel, among other things were common.

Colorless diamonds became more popular from the 1950s onwards as a result of a successful campaign by the De Beers jewelry brand. The idea that an engagement ring should not be without a larger solitaire diamond spread around the world and still remains popular today.

An engagement ring with a color stone can thus be seen as somewhat of a departure from this unwritten rule and as a choice for women who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and differentiate themselves from others. So if you are drawn to a particular gemstone, that’s a big enough reason to treat yourself to one for this special occasion. And what color gemstones are actually the best for setting into an engagement ring?

The big three: sapphires, rubies, and emeralds

For a stone to earn its place in an important piece of jewelry like an engagement ring, beauty alone is not enough. “An important element is the hardness of the mineral, which determines how resistant the stone is to scratches and damage during day-to-day wear,” explained Jarmila Slívová.

Hardness is important because it’s a shame to keep an engagement ring hidden in a box. The hardness of the mineral should ideally be at least 7 on the Mohs scale. After diamonds, which are the hardest minerals and which are rated 10 on the scale come royal blue sapphires and passionately red rubies with a hardness rating of 9.

These two rare color gemstones are therefore not only sufficiently impressive for an engagement ring, but they are also suitable from a practical point of view. The piercing green emerald is a little more fragile but it can still be set into an engagement ring, it just needs to be handled with care. Jacqueline Kennedy for instance owned an emerald engagement ring.

A touch of romance: an engagement ring with a pink gemstone

But you don’t have to opt for the usual or traditional. Choosing a pink stone could be the way to go since the occasion practically calls for it. Morganites for instance are relatively little-known pink stones that impress with their very subtle salmon-pink color. Pink sapphires are also an attractive option.

Pink sapphire is the name given to pink-colored corundums which differ from rubies only in the intensity of their color. On the other hand, the lesser-known tourmalines come in very original shades of pink. Their pinkish-purple color gives off a pleasantly subdued and elegant impression.

No compromises: an engagement ring with a color diamond

Color diamonds which are known as fancy diamonds are an option if you want to incorporate a real diamond into an engagement ring without giving up the color you dream of. Fancy diamonds have the same properties as colorless diamonds so they are extremely durable and will impress with their high luster and sparkle.

Combine all of this with attractive shades of yellow or blue and you get a truly luxurious and exceptional piece of jewelry that catches the eye at first sight. The KLENOTA jewelry studio also offers engagement rings with fancy diamonds and other color gemstones.

Although the classic diamond engagement ring will probably never go out of style, colorful alternatives can be just as beautiful and versatile. The important thing is that the choice corresponds with the woman’s personality and wishes.

The world is your oyster when it comes to choice

The beauty of having a color gemstone in an engagement ring is that it will allow you to express a little more of your individuality. Not only can you choose the color of the stone – you can also choose from three different colors of gold, yellow, white, or rose, to set the gemstone into. So you can combine these to make the ring stand out even more and to create a very impressive effect overall.

Let’s take rose gold for instance. Now you could simply match it up with a white diamond solitaire which would in and of itself of course look very classy and interesting, but if you’re a fan of warm colors, how about teaming it up with champagne diamond instead? These are now even rarer and more unique since the Argyle diamond mine in Australia closed.

And when you combine the color of these diamonds with the color of rose gold, it makes for a bewitching combination. Or for lovers of bright colors like yellow or light blue, there is the unmissable combination of yellow gold with citrines or aquamarines. Complement them with some dainty diamonds in a halo design around the central gemstone, or set them into the band of the ring and you’ll have yourself a very unique design.

However, if the idea of so much color and sparkle has you running for the door and minimalist designs are more your thing, why not try the ever-elegant white gold with a black diamond for a truly one-of-a-kind combination, or if you’re secretly a romantic at heart, then a pink tourmaline in white gold might be just the stone for you.

So though the classic diamond engagement ring will probably never go out of style, colorful alternatives can be just as beautiful and versatile. The important thing is that the choice corresponds with the lady’s personality and wishes.