Facts about Electric Skateboard & Hoverboards 2024

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When we first came across the fictional hoverboard in Back to the Future, it did make us go crazy for such a magic carpet board. Well, with a disappointment that it indeed does not hover.

In 2019, this device was known as colloquially as a hoverboard or in a specific way, as a balancing scooter. These boards were all over the Amazon, and everyone trying to get a hand on, but not for long. The hoverboards were brought face to face with its rival, the electric skateboard.

Exciting Things To Know About Skateboards And Hoverboards

According to Wikipedia, the personal transporter, which is the electric skateboard, is a gadget, which is more or less a modified skateboard thrust by an electric motor. The power of the propellers is controlled with Radio Frequency remote. Just like a regular skateboard, to travel the roads, it is driven by the rider adjusting her or his weight.

The original idea to manufacture the device was to aid in local transportation. But, later, this design became more comfortable in offering a severe Off-Road thrill sport. The Off-Road boards can steer and travel in gravel, dirt, grass, and hard sand. Sometimes, people also take up on beaches during low tides.

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We are witnessing how the hoverboards are troubling the government in the context of legalization, but we can assure you, this board is not going away soon. The competition will be soaring high in the Future, to give out a hand, this article will talk about the noted pros and cons we have come around the above mentioned two boards.

The first point, we have noticed is, many shy away to buy the electric skateboard only because they lack background training in skateboarding. Excluding that, let’s talk about who already ridden a two-wheel hoverboard, do you remember the most challenging part of riding?

The kick push. Under the scorching heat, all we wished for someone to push us, and we would roll down the path. If that happens, then we would be dealing with a different ballgame. Yes, the electric skateboard does take that challenge away.

How about we consider the beginners now? You need to push yourself forward in a hoverboard by kicking, and also don’t forget to balance yourself, the again after sorting yourself, you need to bring your foot back to kicking is not an easy conquering. If you put yourself in the electric skateboard, then you don’t have to hide your face in embarrassment in awkward moments (which usually pops up during your kindergarten days).

How Do They Roll On Roads?

The hoverboard will strike a remembrance about math. If you get the sum, then you are good to go, else, it goes under the complicated and hard tag. Those are indeed more cumbersome than skateboards, owing to the fact they have a bag of electrical components. The long list constitutes pressure pads, tilt sensors, and gyroscope amongst the many. To control the hoverboards, leaning backward and forwards will do. The pressure pads recognize your movements, pass the information to the wheels for it to start rotating.

Contradictory, electric skateboards are straightforward. For controlling the acceleration, or pushing a break, both can be done with a remote. The remote is comprised of a 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connection, which is used to send the information to the ECS (Electric Control System) of the board. It then signals the motor to draw out the required energy from the battery to perform the tasks. For steering, lean left or right.

Main Differences:

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  • The Speeding

For the majority of hoverboards, it runs at 7.5 mph (or 12 kmph) approximately, whereas the electric skateboards typically clock in 18 mph (or 29 kmph) nearly on the speedometer. In fact, in some models, like the epic MunkyBoards 900W, the hand clocks as high as 24 mph (or 39 kmph).

From the figures mentioned above, it is evident how electric skateboards are the clear champion in this sector. It is so because, at a higher speed, it’s easier to navigate and maneuver while bending your knees for balancing with a proper stance. It is preferred over placing your feet over the two roller-blades, which are taped together for a hoverboard.

  • Range and Charging Time

In the case of electric skateboards, charge time differs from deck to deck within a field from an hour to 4+ hours. It is based on the make and model of the board. For example, the Boosted Dual+ will allow you to skate up to 11 km (or 7 miles) with only just an hour of charging. Whereas, MunkyBoards can take you only 15 km (or 9.5 miles) with a long duration charging of 5 hours!

To take the leader-board, the majority of the hoverboards will let you ride for 25 km (or 15 miles) approximately for a charging life of only one to two hours at max.

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  • The Weight

It is commonly perceived that electric skateboards weigh more than hoverboards, but let me break the bubble, it is the opposite! Surprisingly, a more substantial chunk of the hoverboards weighs about 10.5 kilos (or 23 lbs). It not only has the potential to rip your backpack but also can make a dent in it. The electric skateboards average weight nearly ticks around 6 kg (or 13 lbs). It is around 10lbs lighter than the traditional two-wheeled hoverboards.

There is an exception to the electric skateboard. The Maverix BorderX 800W has a bombarding weight of 38 kg (or 83 lbs).

More or less, we can conclude, the Electric Skateboard takes away the trophy here.

  • Environmental Performance

By now, it is clear how an electric skateboard is more comfortable to handle and traverse. Be it for transportation, crossing the city, electric skateboards are a far more suitable option. On the other hand, Hoverboards are similar to toys. It is fun and frolic to use indoors, or even to travel over short distances. But as we have witnessed, it is massive! Therefore, it requires an abundance of energy to use.

It is suggested that kids should initiate their days of skating with hoverboards. It is perfectly okay and safe for them to ride indoors under supervision. But also, electric skateboards are more reliable, more comfortable, and more durable for usage. They are even kid-safe transport.

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  • Which is cheaper?

Electric skateboards come in a lot of different shapes, sizes, and features. So, the prices vary primarily from one product to another. You can opt for either a larger or a smaller battery, or a board with one or two motors. So, it is subjective with features. Consequently, the quality too reflects on the prices. Thankfully for the healthy competition amongst the manufacturers, the prices stay steadily low for the consumer. But in general, they are higher than hoverboards.

However, if there is a budget of 200$, you will get a much better electric skateboard than a hoverboard.

And the Winner is…

We will go for the electric skateboard as we have come across, how it is safer on roads, and traveling daily. It is much lighter, almost half of the hoverboard average weight.

Therefore, making it easier to pack and go. You can check out the latest electric skateboard reviews on buyselfbalancingscooter. But, the hoverboard slightly takes the upper hand in charging time, but that is not enough to make it the winner. But, it again slides down in pricing, and the speedometer test.