“Fall” Into Love with Window Replacement this Autumn


Planning to embark on a window replacement project? Well, you realize that it makes lots of sense to be wary of the season to undertake the project.

Of course, you may opt to renovate at any time of the year. Indeed, most homeowners often find it convenient to execute their home upgrade projects in the spring and summer seasons. Which, of course, are good times to ensure your windows and doors work efficiently to offer you the comfort you need. However, not known to many, fall is the best time to provide a faster and seamless window installation process.

We spoke with Dan Hatcher, a pro in window replacement in Cedar Park TX and owner of zenwindowsaustin.com to learn why it’s the best season for taking on this renovation.

Here is why you should consider replacing your windows this autumn:

Uninterrupted comfort

Window replacement (especially full-frame replacement) entails the complete removal of the older windows to give room for repairs and installation of the new ones. It, therefore, means that for you to continue enjoying the uninterrupted comfort of your home, you need to have the replacement done in autumn when the weather is cooler.

Contractors are readily available

You don’t want to experience the hassles and tussles that come with scheduling installations in the summer and spring seasons. These are often the most packed seasons. Installers get an overwhelming number of orders, and a late order placement definitely implies longer waiting periods or a more slow process.

However, having your windows replaced in the off-peak ensures everything from consultation to installation is done quickly and completed on time.

You also stand a chance of landing flexible options such as deferred payments, thus able to handle any pressing financial issues (if any).

You prepare for winter in advance

Definitely, you wouldn’t want the cold of winter to charge your heating bill just because you failed to have the windows done on time.

So, make your winter enjoyable and save on your energy bills by replacing your windows in the autumn. Others may choose to wait till winter to think about home comfort for the wintertime. But, it’s not always the best time considering that it leaves your home open to the chilly drafts. Therefore, it pressures your heating system. This is particularly vital when you are considering multiple window replacement.

Also, remember that windows require proper caulking for them to withstand winter’s extreme elements, and neither the freezing cold of winter nor the scorching hot summer temperatures support the proper adhering and cure of caulk. But the moderate temperature of autumn does the trick.

Beautiful panoramic view

Do you love nature? And perhaps, find yourself (most of the time) spending your silent moments enjoying the special views around your home?

Then ensure you catch every special moment by installing new windows. You will not only enhance the panoramic view of the environment around you but also improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Better pricing

Choosing to schedule your project in the autumn can see you reap on the financing deals and promotional offers that most home improvement companies give in a bid to maximize on sales before the slowdown period of winter.

You’ll be happily surprised at how cheap it can be to have your windows installed by a professional during this season, which in the end can yield more returns and value for your money.

Note: Avoid settling for very cheap options as this, in some instances, may signify compromised services. Instead, shop around for the best quotes from reputable window installers who deal in trusted brands, and with a solid track record of quality work.

How to Prepare Your Home for the Installers

Because of fall weather is pleasant, it can be somewhat unpredictable. Here is what you can do to prep your home before the installers arrive.

Clear the window area

Takedown the curtains and blinders; ensure the interior shutters and trimmings are removed, plus any other decorations or portraits around the intended work area. This is to help save the time that would otherwise be used by the installers in preparing the window area.

Clear any obstacles

The installers will be moving in and out of your house as they do the installation, sometimes carrying the window materials. So, make their job easier by clearing a path for them. This will also ensure that all of you stay safe during the entire process.

Final thoughts

You may have missed out on your plans to roll out your window replacement project during the warm season but no need to fret. This autumn is another perfect opportunity to ensure that your household stays safe and comfortable even in the looming cold months.