Felony Friendly Companies – Updated for 2024

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Finding a job in America can be challenging. But finding a job as a felon in America can be a nightmare. Many companies and businesses offer jobs to felons who are qualified, but a lot of other companies discriminate against felons. When a felon is unable to get a job, they will try to get money in another way. In some cases, felons resort to crime. If they are arrested, they may be convicted again. The felon’s chance of finding a job and successfully reentering society will be further reduced.

There are jobs that felons can do after their reentry into society. We will list some of these jobs below and state how much you can earn doing these jobs.

1. Auto Glass Installer

According to felonyfriendlyjobs.org, Felons who are interested in working with cars can work as glass installers or repairers. Millions of Americans have cars, and the services of an auto glass installer will be valued in most communities.

To become an auto glass installer, you will need to attend a vocational school or trade school. You may also gain more experience by getting an apprenticeship. As an auto glass installer, you can earn at least $11 per hour and eventually you could earn $17 per hour.

2. Auto Mechanic

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If you love cars and would like to work in the auto industry, you should consider becoming an auto mechanic. The job of an auto mechanic entails repairing cars and other vehicles. Felons can become mechanics if they can get the necessary training.

To become an auto mechanic, you will have to attend a vocational school and work with an experienced mechanic for a while. An amateur mechanic can charge up to $11 per hour, and in time, they can earn $21 per hour. Some felons choose to focus on fixing one particular brand of vehicle or a type of vehicle.

3. Barber or Beautician

Before you decide to become a barber or beautician, you must check if you are qualified to receive a license. Felons who choose to work as barbers or beauticians can set up their own business or work for other people.

To become a barber or beautician, you need to attend a vocational school or higher institution. If you choose to follow this career path, you can earn $9-$15 dollars per hour.

4. Carpenter

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Carpenters are valued artisans. These individuals are needed to build, repair and revamp items in our homes or offices. Hence, felons are encouraged to pursue this career path. As a carpenter, you will always be able to earn income in exchange for your services.

To become a carpenter, you need to attend a vocational school. After acquiring your vocational certificate, you need to get an apprenticeship. We recommend that you check if you need a license to work as a carpenter in your state. Working as a carpenter, you can earn $13-$24 per hour.

5. Commercial Truck Driver

There is a high demand for truck drivers. This is because trucking companies have a high employee turnover rate. For this reason, it is somewhat easier for a felon to get a job as a commercial truck driver. Being a truck driver in tasking, you will be able to stay home for a few weeks every month. For this reason, some individuals may quit after a few months. You can become a truck driver if you do not have traffic-related convictions and you are not on parole.

To become a driver, you need a Commercial driver’s license. You can earn $13-$21 per hour working as a truck driver.

6. Commercial Diver

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You may have heard of ‘diving’, but we doubt you have heard of commercial diving. Commercial diving refers to when a professional diver begins diving for companies involved in underwater construction, or industrial activities. The companies that require the services of a commercial diver vary, but they can include construction companies, drilling companies, and engineering corporations. Being a commercial diver is a risky career path.

To become a commercial diver, you need to have a high school diploma, and you must pass a driving test/ physical. A commercial diver can earn $14-$25 per hour.

7. Construction Worker

Many felons work on construction sites after their release from prison. Some felons even go on to establish their own construction company.

Becoming a worker on a construction site does not require formal education or certificate. Furthermore, many people who hire construction workers will not conduct background checks. As long as you go to work and abide by any set rules, you will be employed and you will be able to keep your job as a construction worker. Some jobs that are assigned to construction workers include cleaning the site, digging trenches, and moving construction materials. Construction workers can earn $11 to $20 per hour. The wage is dependent on the employer, the duties that are assigned to the worker and the location where the worker resides.

8. Cook

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Felons who can cook or have experience in the culinary industry can apply for jobs in restaurants or small establishments. The culinary industry provides many felons with a second chance. Some restaurants run background checks while others do not.

To become a cook or chef, you must have some experience. If you would like to work at upscale restaurants, you may also need to attend a vocational school. A vocational certificate is necessary if you want to rise in the ranks or work in the baking sector. If you want to work in places like schools or hospitals, you will be subjected to a background check. Cooks can earn $9-$14 per hour. Importantly, these figures vary, and chefs who have certifications and educational qualifications will earn more working in an upscale restaurant.

9. Dog Sitter and Trainer

Felons who enjoy working with dogs can become dog sitters or dog trainers. Many Americans need the services of a dog sitter to take care of their dog when they are unavailable. Dog sitters may also provide companionship for dogs that get lonely easily or get separation anxiety when their owner goes to work. Also, people are willing to pay dog trainers to teach their dogs commands or how to do tricks. As long as a felon was not convicted for violent crimes, they will be able to work as a dog sitter or trainer.

To pursue any of these jobs, you will need a vocational certificate. Dog sitters and trainers can earn $9-$11 per hour. If you prefer to be your boss, you can start a business.

10. Delivery Driver

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A great number of businesses that sell something offer the option of delivery to their clients. Felons can work as delivery drivers if their previous conviction was not for traffic-related offenses or theft.

To work as a delivery driver, you will need a high school diploma and a driver’s license. If you are driving a truck, you may also need a commercial driver’s license. Before you are employed, the company may run a background check to find if you have had any driving-related problems. A delivery driver can earn $9-$17 per hour.

11. Derrick Operator

Derrick operators work on oil and gas fields. Their job entails positioning and operating the derrick. They are also in charge of maintaining the derrick. Felons can do this work because there is a demand for hardworking people in oil fields. Due to the working conditions in an oil field, there is a high employee turn over rate. Because of the turnover rate, companies are more willing to hire felons who want the job.

To become a derrick operator, you need to attend a vocational college. Doing this job, you can earn $16-$21 per hour.