5 Steps to Finding Someone You Met Once – 2024 Tips

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You never know when you might meet the man or woman of your dreams. After having a pleasant conversation with him or her and getting their phone number, your heart may sink when you realize that you lost their number. What do you do in that situation? Read more to find out.

Revisit Where You Met

After searching every nook and cranny of your car and apartment for the paper with the name and number, take a deep breath and try another tack. Go back to the same location where you met the person you want to see again.

Instead of trying a random night, go on the same night and look for him or her. For instance, if you met them on a Friday night after work, he or she likely goes to the bar after work as well, especially if they were with a group of friends.

Go back on the same night to look for them. If you don’t see him or her, then look for one of their friends that were in the group. Instead of asking for a telephone number, offer yours instead and explain that you and their friend had a great conversation and that you lost their phone number.

More than likely, they will take your number and pass it on to their friend or co-worker. However, if you don’t find the friends, try asking the manager or the bartender who was working the bar that night. They may know him or her if they are a regular visitor to the bar or restaurant.

Do a Facebook Search

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While it may sound a little stalkerish, you can use Facebook to search for most people. In the fourth quarter of 2019, there were over two and a half billion people who log onto Facebook per month. If the person you seek is younger, then it’s likely they have a Facebook profile.

Even though you may not have the last name, you can search the social media site by typing their first name in the search box and click “Find Friends.” Once that search begins, use the filters to narrow down the list of people with the same first name.

Since you met locally, filter the search by the name of the city in which you live. If you know the name of their company, you can filter by the company name as well. Use any information that you have to filter the search so that you can narrow down the list of results.

Check Google Images

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If you have a selfie of the two of you together, you can perform a search on your phone by using Google Images. For an Android phone, go to images.google.com and then type in the description of the picture you want to find on your phone.

After writing the description, tap the “Search” key. When it finds the picture, touch it, and hold your finger to it. Then, tap “Search Google” using that image. You can also use Google Lens to find the person you’re seeking in an image.

To go to Google Lens, open the app on your phone, and at the bottom of the screen, you should see “Updates” and tap that link. Then, at the bottom on the left of the new page, it will say “Google Lens,” so tap that link.

You can upload the image you have by tapping “Gallery” and using the image. Finally, tap a white dot if it shows up, or circle their face in the image with your finger to search for it on the app. Following these instructions will initiate the search.

If you have an iPhone, use the same steps to search Google Lens with an image.

Search for a Phone Number

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If you have the person’s full name but no telephone number, you can easily search for it online. Several websites help people look up telephone numbers of businesses and residences.  As long as you know their name and the city in which they live, you can find almost anyone.

If you found a phone number, but you’re not sure whose it is because you forgot to write down a name, you can do a reverse phone search. Go to a site that does reverse searches (like information.com) and enter the phone number.

If it’s a legitimate phone number, then you should receive some information about it. You may get the person’s name and address connected to the number when you search. However, be careful about the site you pick because some of them have small databases of phone numbers that they search through.

However, according to DigCaller.co.za, they search through a database of over one billion telephone numbers. They can also provide information about the person’s background, so you can background check your date before you go somewhere alone with him or her.

It’s always good to be safe rather than sorry.

Try Craigslist

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Go to Craigslist and enter the name of the city where you live. Then, when the results come up, look under “Personals,” and then search for a category known as “Missed Connections.” Read them to see if he or she is looking for you.

You can write an ad stating who you’re looking for and ask anyone with information to connect you. With Craigslist, you don’t need to leave any personal information because they can contact you through an email that links to a Craigslist link that is at the top of the ad.


Searching for people is much easier using the internet. You can search several social media sites in the time that it takes you to visit and hang around a bar or restaurant looking for the person you met.

Also, instead of searching each social media site that you know about, you can search several at once. Some websites will help people search for others by doing the work for them.

All you need to do is enter the information that you have, and you will get results from each social site it searches. Then, you can go through the results to see if you can find the person you’ve been dreaming about.