Greta Vs. “Anti-Greta”

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We all know about Greta Thunberg and how passionate about the environment she is. Now she has a very outspoken opponent.

Naomi Seibt, a German 19-year old, nicknamed “Anti-Greta” is a climate skeptic, who will be speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) alongside Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

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In one of her videos, Naomi says: “I’ve got very good news for you, the world is not ending because of climate change. In fact, 12 years from now we will still be around, casually taking photos on our iPhone 18s”.

Seibt, a YouTube-influencer, is going to represent the Heartland Institute which denies heating of the planet, claiming that the whole environmental crisis is blown out of proportion. She admits receiving “an average monthly wage” from them.

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“Climate realist”, how she calls herself, says that Thunberg is stirring up the unnecessary hysteria. “Climate change alarmism at its very core is a despicably anti-human ideology”, she stated.

She got into a spotlight by her mother who has close ties with far-right German party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD). Naomi wrote her first essay on “anti-Islamization” which got her noticed. Although in her first YouTube video she read a poem submitted to the AfD poetry competition, she says she is not a member of the party.