Guide to Choose Hairstyle and Color Based on your Physical Appearance in 2024

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We often associate a change of image with the beginning of a new life. But to avoid tears and disappointments, it is worthwhile to take a more cautious approach to change your look. It is necessary to choose a hairstyle based on the unique features of your physical appearance, primarily the shape of the face. For the perfect color, you need to focus on the shade of the eyes and skin.

How to determine your type of face

When you go to the hairdresser, focusing on the hairstyle of your favorite celebrity is a bad idea. There is a very high probability that you and your idol have different face shapes. Determining the form of the face is the first thing you should do when thinking about a new style. Stylists distinguish 7 main types:

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  • Oval. A face with soft features and expressive cheekbones. The line of the forehead and chin is approximately the same width.
  • Rectangular. The chin, forehead, and cheekbones are of approximately the same width. The face is slightly elongated and is smaller in width than in length.
  • Round. Face dimensions are the same in length and width. The lines are soft, the chin and forehead are narrow.
  • Square. The lower part of the face is massive. The face is approximately the same in width and length.
  • Heart-shaped (triangular). The forehead is noticeably wider than the lower jaw. The chin is sharp; the cheekbones are noticeable.
  • Teardrop-shaped is similar to rectangular, but the forehead is noticeably narrower than the lower part.
  • Diamond-shaped. Narrow forehead and chin with massive cheekbones.

The easiest way to find out the shape that defines you is to take the mirror and outline the face with an invisible line. The resulting figure is your form.

Hairstyles for different face shapes

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The oval face has perfect proportions. If you have such a shape, you are lucky and can do any styling. If you want to experiment, do a bob haircut or bangs. If your hair is of medium length, make gentle curls more often as they suit ovals.

The rectangular shape looks aristocratic but it is better to add a little roundness with the help of volume in the cheekbones area. A good option is medium-length hair with big waves or lush bangs. If you want to have long hair, be sure to add some volume.

The round face looks very cute and elegant. But the key to a perfect hairstyle is to find a silhouette that brings your face closer to an oval shape. Your mission is to lengthen your face and hide the roundness of your cheeks. A simple option is long, straight hair. Another useful trick: add volume on the top of the head, which also makes face longer visually.

Choosing a hairstyle for women with a square face shape is easy. It is best to round the face with soft asymmetric lines and volume on the top. Bangs will hide a wide forehead. Layered hair creates an excellent round framing for a square face.

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The challenge for girls with a heart-shaped face is to balance a wide forehead with a narrow lower jaw. In short, choose any hairstyle that has the widest part at the chin level. For example, a bob haircut, layered hair with curled outward ends curls from the middle of the length and to the end.

Teardrop-shaped face girls should fix a narrow forehead, as well as soften the rough line of the chin. The best hair length is to shoulder level. In this case, the strands need to be twisted towards the face. If you want to wear long hair, choose a hairstyle with asymmetric bangs and soft curls. Such a silhouette will make the face more feminine and harmonious.

Women with a diamond-shaped face have a very bright and expressive appearance. When choosing a hairstyle, make sure that the styling does not narrow the face visually. A standard or extended bob haircut with straight or curled hair is a great option for you. Long curls will also look awesome on you.

How to choose the right hair color

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To choose the perfect hair color for you, you need to find out your skin color type. The cold type is characterized by olive and pinkish tones, porcelain skin and aristocratic white. Golden, beige, yellowish tones or dark skin determine the warm type. Alternatively, look at the veins at the wrist. Their color is the main indicator of skin type. Purple or bluish tide indicates the cold type. Greenish – the warm.

Girls of the cold type can safely choose ashy blond and dark tones with burgundy tint. A light shade of red combined with blue eyes creates an angelic look. For owners of warm skin tones, both light and dark colors with a golden tone are suitable. Such women can also try bright red shades.

To cast aside all doubts before going to the hairdresser, try to “dye” your hair in the photo editor such as RetouchMe. Perhaps you will even discover new shades that look great on you. It does not require knowledge of retouching images since everything is as simple as possible for convenient use.


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A woman should change something in her physical appearance at least sometimes to fill her life with unusual details. A hairstyle is the most common object for experimentation. The lack of fear of transformation is good, but you should not thoughtlessly cut your hair off because of a fleeting desire. Use celebrity images for inspiration but never copy them. What is good for others may look bad on you.

If you want to start living a completely new life, change your hair color. So, you not only get a new image in the mirror but also become a completely different person. If you are blonde, try chocolate brunette. If you have black hair, become a passionate redhead. The hairdresser will choose the safest way to dye your hair or recommend a different shade.