10 Hair Extension Hacks You Must Know

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Hair extensions are in rage, and rightfully so! We indeed love them for being gorgeous and uplifting the entire vibe of our hair by giving it the length, volume, and density it naturally lacked. They amp up the look and feel of our dull and lifeless natural hair in just a few minutes.

But we all can agree that wearing hair extensions isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially when concealing or sleeping with them becomes a cause of concern. So, whether you have a love-hate relationship with your extensions or not, we are here to help you deal with your extensions issues once and for all so that you can fall entirely in love with human hair extensions because that’s what they are worth.

What Are The Different Types Of Hair Extensions?

Here Are Some Hair Extensions Hacks That You Must Know

Source: luxyhair.com

Use a Loop Brush to Comb Your Hair Extensions

Brushing your hair with extensions on can be a tricky business. After all, you don’t want to start losing hair on your extensions too! Traditional hairbrushes tend to pull at roots, eventually leading to the extension wefts slipping off or getting damaged. You surely don’t want that happening; it could be quite embarrassing.

When combing your extensions, use a loop brush with nylon bristles. This will help avoid any damage to your hair extensions due to brushing. These looped bristle brushes glide smoothly through the extension strands to remove knots and tangles without putting pressure on the roots.

Clip Your Hair Extensions Upside Down if You Are Wearing a Ponytail

Ever wanted to try a long, high ponytail like Ariana Grande but was absolutely sure that your thin, flat hair wouldn’t support the desired look? Here is your chance to give it a shot. A sleek high ponytail risks the possibility of extension bumps being noticed. That is a straight giveaway.

So, to avoid this situation but still get your voluminous updos and ponytails, you should always attach your extensions upside down. This way will guarantee that the wefts will stay smooth when you tie your hair into a ponytail and will be unnoticeable.

Place Your Hair Extensions at an Angle

When sectioning your hair to attach extensions, always place them at an angle a little away from the roots. Else they will be easily noticed when you flip your hair or if there is a strong gust of wind. Ideally, start attaching the extensions from the head level corresponding to your eyebrow or ear. This will ensure that you create a natural, voluminous, fuller look.

You could also add layers to your natural hair by stacking up 2-3 varying lengths of extensions, one above the other, in closeby sections of your natural hair. This will help frame your face and show a natural blend with your hair.

Style Your Hair Extensions Before Wearing Them

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If you style your hair regularly, you must style your extensions to blend in thoroughly. However, it is easier said than done. A helpful hack for this is to style your extensions beforehand and attach them when styling the rest of your hair. This is much easier than once they’re clipped in, as wefts can get pulled out of place.

Avoid Extensive Heating

Styling extensions make them look great, especially when curled to perfection with beachy waves or pointed straight for a chic, sleek look. However, one must limit heat usage on their extensions as extensive use of heat tools can cause irreversible damage to the texture, causing hair shedding and thereby reducing the lifespan of the hairpiece.

Occasional usage of heat tools on human hair extensions is acceptable, but you must keep the temperature at a minimum. Preferably, apply a heat protectant to the extensions before using a styling tool.

It’s better to avoid the heat altogether styling your synthetic hairpieces as that could cause unwanted damage to the hairpiece.

Back-Comb Your Roots to Prevent Slippage

This hack is handy for people with thin or thinning hair. Extensions need a decent quantity of hair to hold on to for them to stay in place. However, if you do not have voluminous hair, you can tease your roots a little by brushing them back so that the clips hold on better without slipping. Alternatively, you can use some dry shampoo to give your hair more hold and texture.

Wash and Store for Longevity

Your extensions need as much, if not more, attention and care than your natural hair. So, remember to shampoo, condition, and store them with extension-specific products that would enhance the look and longevity of your extensions while cleaning them from all the dirt and pollution it gathers during your fun events.

Air-Dry Your Extensions

As mentioned earlier, avoiding heat on your hairpieces is better. The best way to dry your extensions is to let them air-dry naturally. Blow-drying damages not only your natural tresses but also burns and damages the extensions. If you must speed up the drying process, use a hairdryer with low heat settings to prevent mishaps.

Clip Your Hair Extensions Diagonally to Achieve a Layered Look

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You can get a layered hairstyle with varying extensions or by using the same length extensions but by placing them diagonally. This method gives your hair a layered look that blends perfectly with your natural hair without getting them cut in that fashion.

Stack Your Extensions if You Have a Smaller Head

If you have a small head and are struggling to place your hair extensions properly, remember the aim is to get significant volume so you can stack two wefts together to save space yet get the desired effect. Stay within stacking two, as it may give an unrealistic bulky look and get too heavy or uncomfortable to use.

No matter what your hair type, extensions are a must-have. They are so much fun to play around with while getting creative with your hairstyles. Use these hacks to make your extension attachment process easier!

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