Harley Davidson History


With over a hundred years of existence, very few brands have a long history, and trademark as the Harley Davidson. In the 1890s, bicycles were the most popular mode of transportation despite the state of the road. Inventors were toying with the idea of a motorized bicycle, and in 1895, Daimler built the first motorcycle out of wood with a single-cylinder engine.

The company officially started in 1903, when these three friends decided to build a motorized bicycle. Coincidentally in1903, Henry Ford found his motor company and made his first model.

The trademark started as a fun project to become the most popular bike brands. Harley Davidson products speak for themselves.

The durability and ruggedness of these bikes make it the ideal bike for every motorcycle enthusiast with a great taste.

Everything differentiates these from other bikes; even the sound of the engine is different. You can easily purchase some of the few high-spec Harley Davidson bikes at ZeCycles.

Between 1914 and 1921, they organized a racing crew dubbed the wrecking team whose success story improved the reputation of Harley Davidson.

The engine’s design and performance was improved due to the input given by famous racer Joe Petrali.

Notable bikes produced by Harley Davidson

1932VL: This bike was fitted with a 74 cubic, a stand-by engine which rates 28hp, and was capable of 90 miles per hour. It had balloon tires, knockout axles, a lower seating position, crossover brake mechanism, an air filter that looks like an air dryer, teardrop gas tank, the front brake

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1942WLA: This was built with a 45 CI model inch high compression flathead V type engine. It’s known as a war bike.

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1952K:  Fitted with 750ccs, this bike was the forerunner to the Sportster. It was the only bike approved by insurance companies because it wouldn’t go fast enough to cause accidents.

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1957XL: It was equipped with a 783cc, 53 cubic inch overhead drive engine which ushered in the era of superbikes

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1958FL: This bike had fitted 74 cubic inch duo glide with the addition of a rear hydraulic brake and hydraulic dampened rear suspension

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1971FX Super Glide: This was equipped with the 74 cubic engines. It was a hybrid outgrowth of the fly and Sportster.

XG750R Motorcycle was fitted with a 750cc engine and was widely used for flat track racing.

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In 2010, the XL 48 was introduced with a design similar to the earlier Sportster. At this time, Harley Davidson has already grown far and wide. They began to make custom bikes in 2011 to suit the preference of the customer.

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Striking Features and Specifications

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V twin engine

Most of the motorcycles are manufactured with a v twin-engine design and a crankshaft pin. The v twin engine was designed with a 45° space in between the engine to allow it to fire at uneven intervals.

Unique sound

Harley Davidson bikes are known for their ‘potato sound.’ The unique sound is caused by the particular arrangement of the v twin engine and the crankshaft. This sound is peculiar to the Harley Davidson engine, and there are claims that the Harley Davidson Corporation has patented the sound.

Variety of designs

There is a variety of designs for you to pick from based on your motorcycling needs. You can always go for any of their street series, trike, Softail, Sportster to the touring models.

Durable build

The design their bikes using only the most durable materials and high-quality parts. Their bikes are capable of working even in harsh conditions. Little wonder, mobile police officers use Harley Davidson for their day to day activities due to its durability

Harley Davidson Pros

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Heavyweight design

They boast of designing bikes with heavyweight materials that provide for a sturdy build. This design improves stability while riding

Lasting engine

This bike is guaranteed to stand the test of time. The V twin engine has been subjected to various upgrades over the years, so you are getting a perfect motorbike with a durable engine.

Easy maintenance

There are several Harley Davidson shops located in different parts of the country. So, you are guaranteed easy access to skilled mechanics.

Easy control

They build their bikes to give you perfect control when riding. The suspension, braking system, and sturdy frame have been remodified to provide you with the confidence to ride even in terrible road conditions


You can easily personalize your Harley Davidson bike to fit your riding needs. The extensive catalog of Harley Davidson accessories provides you with enough options to make your bike appear as you deem fit.

They have impeccable features and fantastic add-on. Therefore, it is safe to say that Harley Davidson bikes are a must-have. They owe their success to the long years of history that precedes their existence.

They also boast of prompt customer service, and their buyers enjoy a relationship that has been perfected over several decades.

Harley Davidson Cons:

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There are dangers associated with riding motorcycles. However, a lot of safety accessories are available for the riders of Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Loud noise

The bikes make too much noise, which might be disturbing to the members of the public.


The cost of a Harley bike depends on the strength of the engine, model, and attachments that come with it. How much are you willing to spare? It will help if you make your purchase based on your budget and motorcycling needs.

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Throughout Harley Davidson’s history, there has been a special bond between Harley Davidson owners. In the past, the founders and the executives would travel across the country to visit their dealers and customers. That age-long tradition continues today.

It is clear that they created a culture,  and lifestyle based on love and exhilaration for the open road, and the sound it makes. When you buy a Harley, you are joining an unofficial club of elite motorcycle owners.

Therefore, the trademark is perfect for you. Owners enjoy their riding. Why not join them?