6 Tips For Helping Someone Who’s Grieving – 2024 Guide

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Being good friends means going together through thick and thin. Sometimes life is easy, and everything is going according to the plan. It is awesome to be able to share other people’s happiness and enjoy happy moments. We could say that is the easier part of a friendship. But life is not always that simple, and we get to experience rough times too. A true friend stays by your side, no matter what. Having a good friend while going through tough life moments can be priceless. They can make a grieving process more bearable and be your shoulder to cry on.

On the other hand, if you have a friend who’s going through a rough time, you should be there for him or her. Especially when it’s about the death of a close person. And maybe your friend doesn’t handle the situation very well. One thing to keep on your mind: people react to the same situations differently. And that’s why it is important not to question other’s emotions, but rather be there for them and try to help them as much you can. If you’re not very good at it, we can help you with some tips. Here’s how can you help someone you love through grief.

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  1. Don’t ask the usual question

Maybe the most common question in these situations is: “How are you?” We all know they are not well. And since they are hearing it all the time, from everyone around, you should probably skip it. Being close to someone means knowing very well what could cheer them up. So we recommend talking about some other subject that could be more helpful. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask how they are feeling at all. That just means you don’t need to put the pressure of this question on them every once in a while.

  1. Don’t hesitate to talk about it

One of the things that people usually do is trying to avoid talking about the person that past way. And sometimes that is not helping at all. It may even worsen the grief of the person you love. So try nicely talking about the deceased, and let your friend know they will be missed from your side. You can even say a funny story that includes that person. Maybe it will cause some tears, but it can help. In general, we don’t recommend using cliches in these kinds of situations. Just be honest and compassionate. Your loved one will know how to appreciate it for sure.

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  1. Help with organization

If the deceased what someone very close to your friend, he or she will have to deal with organizing the funeral. And having this obligation can make everything so much harder. If you feel comfortable, you can ask your friend if you can help with the funeral. Not having to deal with this organization part can help your friend relieve some of the stress. You can help with buying groceries, cooking, serving the table, etc. If it’s a large funeral you might need some professional help with organizing everything. You can reach out to begravningsbyråmalmö.nu and ask their funeral advisors anything you need. That way, you’ll make it easier for everyone. Even though this can be time and money consuming, it will pay off. Taking this part of the job will make a huge offer to your loved one and help him deal with their grief much easier.

  1. Just be there

Sometimes your presence can be the biggest gift to a loved one. You don’t even have to talk or do anything. Just being there can make a huge change. Also, don’t try to be positive and focus on the good. When people are grieving, they don’t need to hear how everything is going to be okay. In these situations, they like to know they have someone to rely on. And being around can make them feel supported and safe. Don’t be too pushy or try to make things better. It will eventually happen by itself. Until then, just be there.

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  1. Find what’s comfortable for you

Of course, in these hard moments, it is all about your friend and how she or he feels. But that doesn’t mean you need to do things that make you uncomfortable. You should be considerate and reasonable, but you shouldn’t do anything you don’t feel like doing. Find your way to express love and compassion. Your friend loves you because of who you are,  and that’s exactly what you should be. Find your way to help them relieve their grief, and your bond will become even stronger after this unfortunate situation.

  1. Reach out

Even when some time passes, your loved one might still feel sad and unwilling to do some regular everyday stuff. You can offer them a cup of coffee or go for a walk in nature. Even if they don’t feel like doing it, regular activities can be very beneficial for them and help them get back on track. Getting their minds off of this sad event can help. And this can be a good first step towards moving on with their normal lives. Try to suggest something you know he or she loves and can hardly say no to it. Even if it’s hard in the beginning, it will get easier with time. And your friend will appreciate what you did when they were feeling bad.

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Good friends share both happy and rough moments. It is never easy when your loved one is going through grief, but there are many things you can do to help them. If your friend lost someone he loved, it is necessary for the time to pass before standing on his feet again. But as a good friend, you can make things easier.

Do not ask cliche questions and talk about random stuff if you see it’s not working. Sometimes the silence works better than words. Feel free to talk about the current situation if you think that may help your loved one to feel better. If it is possible, you can even organize a funeral and spare a friend of that uncomfortable experience. There are plenty of options, you just need to choose the ones that might work the best. Things get better with time. Just make sure you are offering all of your help and love until they do.