Hidden Reddit Tricks And Features You Might Not Know About

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If you are looking for a website where you can chat with people about all kinds of topics and even find groups dedicated to some particular one, Reddit is the most popular option. There are over 400 million users of this unique social network. Also, it offers simplicity and the ability to research millions of topics and even choose to be completely anonymous.

It depends on the user how it will use this network and for what purpose. You can find much valuable information here. The best example is a community of stock traders who gathered on Reddit and managed to affect the market of stocks by investing a lot in options with negative tendencies, like GameStop. There are some features that most people don’t know about. We are going to introduce you to the best ones.

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You Can Use a Bot To Upvote Comments

If you are sharing comments on this network because you want to promote some idea or business, getting more upvotes is essential to reach more people. It is not a rare case that some people are using this website as part of their marketing strategy. It might sound unconventional, but you can find particular groups of people who might be interested in your business or products. There is an excellent solution to increase the ranking of your comments, and that is to use a Reddit bot. If you are interested in this option, visit reddit-marketing.pro.

There is a Way to Avoid Restrictions

One of the main features of this network is that you can find millions of interesting stories and discussions. However, that can lead to increased procrastination, which can be a problem if you are often using Reddit at work. In that matter, many companies have decided to block access to this website. On the other side, there is a simple way to go around these restrictions by adding the symbol “+” in the link behind the main address.

There are other alternatives as well. There are some websites where you can open this network, and they will make it appear as a document, spreadsheet, or even lines of codes. If people at your work don’t like their workers to use Reddit during the working time, these are the best options to go around that but be sure that no one will notice.

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You Can Filter-Out the Subreddits

We all know that some discussions can have thousands of comments, and it can be frustrating to scroll down while looking for the thing that you need. If you want to check only the most recent or subreddits with the most comments, there is a simple way to reorganize the list. You can choose to see first those posts that are currently trending or the posts with the most upvotes.

If you are using this network more often and you are following all kinds of areas and topics, it might seem difficult when you want to read specific subreddits. However, it is not complex when you want to skip directly to some area. You can type the phrase in the search bar and then the website. That will link you with the desired discussions.

You should be more specific when you want to filter-out the right subreddits. Keep in mind that this is huge community, which means that there could be all kinds of topics shared here. Searching the preferred topics is actually quite simple. For example, if you are interested in some products, you can simply add the word “Best” in front of the topic you are looking for, and the website will provide you with more accurate results.

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It Can Be an Excellent Marketing Tool

Many people think how this network represents a large group of people who are participating in discussions only for arguing and entertainment. However, you can use various methods that will help you to promote your business as well. We already mentioned the automated bot. Besides that, you can use this website to promote your brand, communicate with potential clients, share promo materials, and more.

For example, if you are selling fishing equipment, you should look for groups related to people from your area who are interested in fishing. After that, you can share materials about your products, and communicate with people to check their opinions and even experience with some of your products.

However, keep in mind that people can be quite harsh, which means that you should never take some negative comments too personally. Many users tend to be both arrogant and too honest when they can be anonymous.

You Can Simply Stop Following Some Subreddits

In case that you started following too many discussions and it became frustrating when you keep facing the same or similar topic while searching the website, you should know that it is simple to unfollow some subreddit. There is an option to unfollow any content, and it is available on both app and desktop versions.

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You Can Only Watch Pictures

Many subreddits are popular only because people are sharing a lot of interesting GIFs, photos, and videos there. There is a way to avoid clicking on every post just to see the content. You can add the letter “p” after you type the address of a particular subreddit.

That will create a set of photos and videos. This website can provide you with hours of entertainment every day, and if you prefer multimedia content instead of reading comments, you should start using this option.


Many other useful features will help you to find some content faster, apply filters, create external links, and much more. It depends on your needs how you will use these shortcuts and other tricks. Besides the entertainment, you find many useful things here.

Creating a subreddit about some topic is an excellent way to gather more data about it. On the other side, keep in mind that it is easy to fall into a rabbit hole of scrolling down and reading about all kinds of themes.