Nordic Beauty Hilde Osland Is Raising The Bar For Instagram Models in 2024

Image source: Instagram

Hilde Osland (32) is a Norwegian Instagram celebrity, model, singer, and dancer. The multi-talented social media influencer was first seen in Disney’s hit TV show “As the Bell Rings”. It was her looks and beauty that captivated the attention of social media. Ever since joining Instagram, Hilde has gained 3 million followers. This is particularly the result of her fashion and lifestyle-related images and videos on the platform.

Her fan-following really started to blow up since she started posting fashion and lifestyle-related images. More followers meant that she started getting attention from boutiques, designers, fashion brands, and others. Eager to get their products modeled by the Norwegian Instagram model, they started endorsing Hilde Osland.

Currently based in Melbourne, Australia, Hilde Osland is also a trained dancer specializing in Ballet, Jazz, and Tap dancing. She was affiliated with ‘Patrick Studios Australia’. There are undoubtedly big things in the future for her, with many claiming her to be the next big social media influencer and model.